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Analysis potential of bag making machines
Nov 08, 2018
Bag making machine belongs to one kind of packaging machinery and equipment. Its application is related to food, chemical, medicine and other important industries of national economy and people's livelihood. It is widely used. Behind the supply of our food supplies, it is a huge bag making machine packaging market.

According to the survey report by the China bag making machine and Packaging Machine Industry Association, the total industrial value of China's food and packaging machine industry reached 130 billion yuan in 2010, while the market demand reached 200 billion yuan. As a part of soft packaging equipment, bag making machine has great market potential and good development space.

Our country's bag making machine has only 20 years'history since it was developed and applied. On the basis of importing foreign equipment and through digestion and absorption, it has been able to produce only 400 mm wide and 20 m per minute bag making machine at the initial stage, and now it has been able to produce a bag making machine with a speed of 150 m per minute and a width of less than 1000 mm. And the automatic bag making machine with more than 100 segments per segment provides a large number of equipment for the development of domestic soft packaging industry.

With the rapid development of China in recent years, China may become the center of packaging industry in the future, promote the development of industrial clusters and technological progress, and improve China's voice and rule-making power in the world packaging industry. The status quo of China's packaging industry standardization can not meet the actual needs of the rapid development of the industry, and the realization of packaging from "big" to "strong", the urgent need to upgrade the industry-wide standardization level.

Reasons for rapid development of plastic zipper bag making machine

Plastic zipper bag making machine belongs to one kind of plastic packaging machinery. At present, China's plastic packaging machinery industry has become one of the fast-growing industries in the traditional machinery manufacturing industry, with large annual demand. Why is China's plastic packaging machinery industry developing so fast?

1. In the development of China's plastics processing industry, the demand for plastic zipper bag making machine is increasing.
2. The demand for high-tech equipment in the market is great, and the demand for the function and performance of the equipment is also increasing.

China is a big producer of plastic machinery, but its total export accounts for a small part, and the proportion of import and export is uneven. At present, according to China's plastic packaging machinery production capacity and export capacity, efforts to promote exports is one of the development directions. I believe that as long as we grasp the opportunity and improve the functions of the equipment, the development of plastic packaging machinery will go further.

Performance and characteristics of zipper bag making machine
1. Zipper bag making machine is especially suitable for making keel bags, concave convex bags, self sealing zipper bags, etc.
2. The whole machine adopts intelligent PLC control, which supplies fast and stable feeding.
3. Adopt photoelectric eye tracking mark: high sensitivity, automatic discoloration and accurate grasping. If the color code is missing, the machine will stop automatically.
4. The whole machine adopts computer programmable control system, which can set the length of bag and production speed, reduce waste and save cost, and automatically feed, seal, count and discharge. When the machine is abnormal, it will alarm automatically to improve the safety of the machine operation; touch screen operation interface, simple operation.
5. You can bring correction system of rack, ultrasonic, various shapes of punching.
6. Automatic zipper head device for zipper bag making machine saves manpower and saves time.

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