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How to improve the life of nonwoven bags
Nov 08, 2018
Nowadays, in this environment-friendly and pollution-free society, non-woven shopping bags have been loved by people instead of pollution plastic bags, but this kind of environmental protection bags is essentially different from some shopping bags sold on the market in the material, in general, if there is any difference, that should be the different life, if  environmental protection bags are not correctly used, then environmental protection bags will be vulnerable to damage.

Although non-woven bags from fully automatic non woven bag making machine are environmentally friendly bags, unlike other shopping bags, if not properly used, it will greatly reduce its service life. Here is how to prolong the service life of nonwoven fabric bags.

Method 1: Try to keep the nonwoven bags from non woven fabric bag making machine in dry places and prevent sunshine and rain.
Method 2: Avoid contact with corrosive substances.
Method 3: After use, fold the non-woven bag as tidily as possible, keep it clean for the next cycle.
Method 4: The normal weight of non-woven bag is 5-10 kg, so it can not exceed its load when used.

How should nonwoven bags from fully automatic non woven bag making machine be stored?

1. Customers should store them in a cool and dry place to avoid damp places when storing non-woven bags from non woven fabric bag making machine.
2. Can not be placed outdoors to prevent the sun and rain, because non-woven environmental protection bags after exposure to the sun is easy to degrade, thus affecting the quality of the bag;
3. Non-woven environmental protection bag storage time can not be too long, put indoor service life of up to 5 years, if it is outdoor, it is easy to degrade naturally.
4. Strictly prohibit contact with corrosive substances, and to correctly estimate the load of non-woven environmental protection bags, often overloaded, non-woven bags are easy to damage.
5. If the non-woven environmental protection bag is dirty in use, we can clean the bag and reuse it. This is not only the support and practice of environmental protection, but also a manifestation of thrift and industriousness. As an environmental protection bag, non-woven bag from non woven fabric bag making machine should be reused and supported by action. Environmental protection and environmental protection.

Now the society is protecting the environment everywhere. Everyone is doing their part to make efforts to protect the environment. Nowadays, even gift bags should be environmentally-friendly. What exactly is an environmental friendly gift bag?

The gift bag is a kind of packaging, that is, a bag for carrying and packing gifts. Gift bags are usually made of three materials: plastic, paper and cloth. In today's society, people can see people using gift bags everywhere. A delicate gift bag can better set off my gift. With the changing lifestyle, consumers are increasingly asking for gift bags. Today, the most done is non-woven gift bags from fully automatic non woven bag making machine, plastic and paper are not environmentally friendly, non-woven fabric is the latest commonly used packaging bag of environmental products.

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