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learining the flexo printing machine
Sep 19, 2018

Are you in need of a flexographic printing machine?

If so, then you are reading the right article to know more about our flexographic printing machine’s features.

GYT Series 6 Color Flexo Printing Machine

GYT Series 6 Color Flexo Printing Machine

The main features are the low cost of making, the cost of the machine is lower than the gravure printing, the space occupation is smaller than the gravure, and the adaptability to the ink and the material is better.

1. soft plates are made of flexible resin version after the printer made printing with protruding part after the ink roller transfer to paper or plastic.

2. shalft less hydraulic feeding and unloading, mainly for the larger diameter, relatively thick paper, it can roll up and down 1.5 meters. While the plastic coil diameter of about 400-500mm, we put Guangzhou machine is double rewinder double loading, the diameter is 600mm, the double rewinding here is put in order not to stop receiving, when the roll is close to finished, the knife will fly away, and then transferred to another shaft on the roll. His discharge is all in one place, a bit like our vertical slitter. Its correction system is also vertical.

3. plastic film is more suitable for printing with oil-based ink, because the adhesion ability of water-based ink is not good, and the paper itself has a certain water absorption, so it is more suitable for water-based ink. But now the trend is to use water-based ink, to the environmental protection direction, adaptability of flexographic printing machine for printing ink and the material is good, a lot of plastic bag manufacturers are considering purchasing the flexographic printing machine to replace the old gravure printing machine.

4. printing plastic film using water-based ink according to the materials such as custom roller, roller mesh size, depth, etc.. Metal roller is usually equipped with plastic scraper, the service life of 1-2 years, ceramic roller generally with steel scraper, the service life of 5-6 years, but also to see whether the operator is good maintenance. The ceramic anilox roller is more expensive than the plastic 10 thousand, each group of printed plastic must be recommended ceramic anilox roller. Now we have closed scraper blade, do not do the former single scraper, a single scraper is not clean.

5.our selection includes stationary picture, fluorescent lamp, automatic chromatography and so on. The main configuration of Guangzhou exhibition machine is put double rewinding and double loading, 360 manual color, 4 color meter, ceramic roller, closed steel scraper, the speed of 100 meters, PLC with touch screen, rectification, hot air oven, planetary gear, synchronous belt drive

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