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Main Points of Daily Maintenance of Film Blowing Machine
Jan 29, 2018

Blown film business officially put into operation, in order to achieve the expected output, factory floor film blowing machine are basically non-stop operation.Full-load operation of the blown film equipment for the loss of the fuselage is relatively large, if not in time to the blown film machine for maintenance and maintenance of the body, the long-term blown film machine is prone to problems.So as a blown film machine operator mechanic how to do maintenance and maintenance work?

1. as a film blowing machine operator about every 30 minutes or so to check the machine temperature again, to see if it is not working when the standard temperature value.If you check the heating appliances over-temperature or too low, please adjust the temperature value, which is conducive to the normal operation of the machine and the quality of products.

2. observe and adjust the thickness of the film uniform, folding diameter is in line with standards.

3. every little time to check the traction speed of the film blowing machine, if the speed is not normal, should be timely adjustment and control, which is controlled film thickness and quality of the key parts.

4. check whether the standard raw material ratio, mixer operation is normal, mixed raw materials are uniform.

5. check whether the impurities of raw materials, this step must be careful, if the raw materials which are mixed with hard objects and impurities, it will not only affect the quality of products and easy to damage the film blowing machine internal important accessories.

6. in the entire unit before the operation of the reducer and air compressor cylinder internal lubricating oil inspection, such as lubricating oil must be added in a timely manner, so as not to cause abnormal heating caused by burnout.

7. observe the entire unit of each motor and heating device to see its operating status and temperature is normal, such as the problem should be promptly recorded, to find the right opportunity to stop the unit to adjust and deal with.

8. check the air storage cylinder pressure, pressure requirements can not be too high, but should reach the standby pressure.

In general film blowing machine operators need to have a good working attitude, operating the machine must have a certain principle, clear which equipment is prone to problems, can develop a detailed maintenance and inspection work forms. Do the above details of the work not only to ensure the good operation of the machine to ensure product quality, and can extend the life of the machine.

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