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onsiderations for action film blowing machine
Mar 06, 2017

1.When you operate the machine the operator does not stand in the front, so as to avoid accidental injuries and operations personnel. Prevent raw materials in feedwith metal impurities and operating small tools, such as damage to the machine hard object fall into the barrel. Prohibition of wearing gloves when manipulating thespin machine in case involved injuries.

2. Checking and increases the lubricating oil in the gear box, air compressor, checkthe lubrication of the mechanical drive parts. Avoid dry operation damages the machine and making the noise.

3.Boot operation you must first check the power connection is disconnected, leakage; inspect equipment for damage is not normal. Power on the system to ensure the safety of all parts before normal, so as not to affect production and caused theaccident.

4. Film-forming within the terms, increased temperature, cooling air temperature as well as blow-up ratio; film turbidity increases, gloss reduction and vice versa increase.

⒌ die mouth out material uniform consistent Shi, can wearing good gloves slow lift tube billet, while will tube billet end head closed, micro-open intake Regulation valve, makes of from core Rod center hole into few compression air, then carefully to introduction had stability bubble frame, and people Word Board, and wear into traction roll, and guide roll until volume take (as to pressure spent to after pressure spent roll)

6.Blow compressed air pressure tube to fit, neither to make a tube ruptured, havesymmetric stability ensure the film tube, relative to ensure quality production.

⒎ clean the extruder and die, you can use the copper knives, rods or compressedair to clean, but avoid damage screw and screw clean surface.

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