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The development trend of bag making machine
Nov 21, 2018

Bag making machine equipment is applied to food, chemical, pharmaceutical and many other countries of the livelihood of the people's livelihood of the major industries, to meet our food supplies behind, is a huge bag machine packaging market. As one of the flexible packaging equipment, bag making machine has great market potential and good development prospects.

It is understood that the history of soft packaging equipment manufacturing industry in our country is only 20 years, which is based on the introduction of foreign equipment, through digestion and absorption, from the beginning of only the production of satellite type printing machine, dry laminating machine, is capable of producing gravure printing machine, dry laminating machine and automatic bag making machine at present provides the core equipment for the development of domestic flexible packaging industry.

As the non woven bag making machine of packaging machinery, it has been widely used in the packaging and printing industry, especially in the plastic composite flexible packaging field developed in 80s, and its development is very rapid. Non woven bag making machine is a processing equipment for making bags with non-woven fabrics on the flexible packing production line. Over the years, the domestic bag making equipment has been hovering at the middle and low level, and its bag making speed is much lower than the printing, composite, slitting and other related processes, so it greatly affects the speed and quality of the entire process. Non-woven bag making machine is applicable to non-woven bag material, should require different target for a variety of soft packing bag bag forming mode, different bag can be made used in food, cosmetic, medicine and other fields of automatic bag making machine.

With the rise of technology in our country, all-round import substitution will be realized both at home and abroad. With high-end technology of China's leading enterprises, its product performance has been in the same field with foreign brands, but the price is only imported brands around 1/2, so the domestic brands of high price advantage will become the starting point of import substitution.

Non-woven bag produced by non woven bag making machine only through continuous improvement, out of the road of innovation, in order to realize its social benefits and economic benefits of the unity, by printing, non-woven bags of flocking and finishing, to increase the added value of their products, but also enhance the appearance of non-woven bags, other differences, the color of flowers rich and colorful, lively, especially the flocking non-woven bag more solemn and elegant. It is expected that the market demand of non-woven cloth bags in domestic market will be large and the market prospect will be good.

Although a single cost is a little more than a plastic bag, but its service life, a non-woven shopping bag can withstand hundreds of plastic bags. In order to save cost, the traditional plastic bag shopping bag is thin and easily damaged. Non-woven bags, strong toughness, not easy to wear. There are a lot of coated non-woven shopping bags, but also have strong outside, more waterproof, feel good, beautiful appearance.

Using a few plastic bags is equivalent to a non-woven shopping bag from bag making machine, and non-woven bags can be used again and again, the loss rate is far lower than plastic bags, so that, with non-woven shopping bags, but more money. From the plastic limit order issued, plastic bags will gradually withdraw from the packaging market, and now there is no free plastic bags to use, if necessary, only consumers pay.

At the same time, with the sale of non-woven bags, the cost of non-woven bags production line is gradually increasing, while the majority of enterprises are not high value-added non-woven bags, the industry is facing a decline in overall profits and other practical difficulties. Although the "plastic limit" makes the environmental protection bag industry into the period of rapid growth, but competitors in the industry gradually increased, manufacturers to keep prices down, non-woven bags profit margins are squeezed.

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