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Bag Making Machine Increased Mechanical Demand
Sep 15, 2017

At present, with the foreign plastic bag machine machinery demand continues to increase, will give the domestic plastics industry what kind of impact?

According to reports: the current demand for plastic machinery in Vietnam opened a new business opportunities, which for China is not a plastic industry development opportunities? Blown film machine, bag machine, plastic machine and other flagship market, plastic machinery will bring What kind of change?

Solution: Vietnam's rapid development of the plastics industry, China's exports of plastic machinery to provide an opportunity for Vietnam. This shows that the Vietnamese plastics machinery market there is a huge business opportunities. According to statistics, the growth of plastic packaging machinery products led to the growth of sales of plastic machinery. Plastic and industry a good development prospects, will continue to China's high-speed development of plastic machinery industry's main driving force.

In recent years, the development of domestic plastic machinery situation: China's plastics machinery has become the traditional machinery manufacturing industry in the development of one of the most rapid, China's annual demand for plastic machinery increased.

China is the world's packaging manufacturing and consumption power, plastic packaging in the packaging industry, the proportion of total output value has more than 30%, as the packaging industry in the new force in the food, beverages, daily necessities and industrial and agricultural production in various fields play an irreplaceable role. In recent years, the plastic packaging industry packaging products, packaging materials, steady growth, packaging new materials, new technology, new technologies, new products continue to emerge. In the case of

The use of plastic in hard containers and flexible packaging will increase. In hard containers, such as plastic pallets and plastic drums, due to reusable, long-term cost is lower than fibreboard drums. Plastic vertical bags have also replaced the trend of cardboard boxes, as dry goods such as prefabricated cereals, soy sauce and other containers. In addition, because the plastic bottle with light, resistant to the characteristics of the collision, is increasingly used for fruit juice, fruit drinks packaging. In the flexible packaging, plastic products in the bags and thin films, will continue in the fast food and retail areas of great use. In the case of

In 2010, plastic material accounted for 24% of the packaging market share, while the retail easy to pack is accounted for 75% of the packaging market share. In the case of

It is expected that the demand for retail packaging in 2018 will show an explosive growth. In the case of

London's packaging consulting firm Pira company's latest report data show that retail demand for packaging to 2016 will reach 27 million tons, far more than its 2010, 19 million tons

China's high-speed development of plastic machinery industry due to the following factors:

1. is the high-tech equipment needs brought about by the equipment updates and obsolete equipment out;

2. The rapid development of the domestic plastics and industry, the plastic machinery (plastic bag machine) demand. Therefore, we must make full use of the opportunities brought by WTO accession, and strive to create the premise, increase exports to expand the development of China's plastics machinery industry space.

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