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Bag Making Machine To Plastic Bags As The Main Products
Sep 30, 2017

Bag machine is the production of plastic bags or other materials, packaging bags of the machine, the processing range for a variety of sizes of different specifications of plastic or other materials, bags, in general, plastic bags as the main product.

First, the classification and use of plastic bags

1, the type of plastic bags

(1) high pressure polyethylene plastic bags.

(2) low-pressure polyethylene plastic bags.

(3) Polypropylene plastic bags.

(4) PVC plastic bags.

2, the use of plastic bags

(1) the use of high-pressure polyethylene plastic bags:

A, food packaging: pastries, candy, roasted seeds and nuts, biscuits, milk powder, salt, tea and so on;

B, fiber packaging: shirts, clothing, needle cotton products, chemical fiber products;

C, daily chemical packaging.

(2) the use of low-pressure polyethylene plastic bags:

A, garbage bags, bacteria bags;

B, convenient bags, shopping bags, handbags, vest bags;

C, fresh bags;

D, woven bag inside the bag

(3) the use of polypropylene plastic bags:

Mainly used for packaging textiles, needle cotton products, clothing, shirts and so on.

(4) the use of PVC plastic bags:

A, gift bag;

B, luggage bags, needle cotton packaging bags, cosmetics bags;

C, (zipper) file bag, information bag.

Second, the composition of plastic

The plastic we usually use is not a pure substance, it is made of many materials. In addition, in order to improve the performance of plastic, but also in the polymer to add a variety of auxiliary materials, such as fillers, plasticizers, lubricants, stabilizers, additives, Coloring agent, etc., can become a good performance of plastic.

Vest Bag Bag Making Machine Features Vest Bag Bag Making Machine is one of the categories of automatic non-woven bag making machine.

Vest bag bag machine features:

1. Can produce vest bags, handbags, flat pockets, plug bags, insert bags and other non-woven bags;

2. Vest bag: length 50-60 cm can be set to a maximum length of 80 cm;

3. Five sets of ultrasonic systems, stable work;

4. L-type structure, effectively save the area;

5. Configuration lack of material protection system, correction system to improve product qualification rate;

6. Replace the pressure roller can change the trimming, suture effect;

7. Modular design, easy replacement parts and components simple;

8. PLC program control, high precision, small error;

9. stepless frequency control, stable performance, easy to debug;

10. Easy to use, easy to learn and use.

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