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Bag Making MachineSeveral Frequently Asked Questions And Countermeasures
Aug 29, 2017

Bag making machine is the production of various plastic packaging or other materials, packaging machines, the processing range for a variety of sizes of different specifications of plastic or other materials, bags. Of course, in the use of the bag machine, there will be a lot of problems, this article is to help you remove those about the use of bag machine trouble trouble.

1, flat machine cold cut knife cut how to do

When the flat mouth of the cold knife is always cut, to check whether the sharp knife, whether the need to re-grinding; check the balance of the knife is appropriate, knife slider used for a long time, wear a gap, balance.

2, flat mouth cut three or more, the bag size of different how to do

In that a thin film on the rubber roller pad on a layer, you can with other materials evenly.

3, flat mouth of the spring off, what causes the cause

Self-adhesive tape is not posted in place, tilt into the spring, the spring will be broken, in the operation must be self-adhesive stickers posted. There is also a reason, the material is not neat or a lump into the roller, resulting in the spring is not broken off.

4, bone bag bag machine on both sides of the big difference between how to do

Need to pull the aluminum roller pressure, transferred to both sides of the edge are pressure to get, it will avoid this situation.

5, side seal machine self-adhesive stickers often stick to the conveyor belt is what reason

Self-adhesive strip dislocation, stick to the conveyor belt, the need for the back of the edge of the self-adhesive machine debugging good, the edge of the electric eye must be placed on the self-adhesive bit edge to prevent post moves.

6, cut OPP edge or edge of the explosion will be bad reason

Hot knife and suction arm is not adjusted, the normal situation is cut into the hot knife 2 cm, the suction arm and then sent out the material.

7, side seal machine cut out the length of the finished product how to do?

The compression spring does not compress to cause the roller to slip, or the rear clamp is too tight and needs to be commissioned to the right.

8, flat mouth machine in front of the cold knife how to do blocking materials do

This happens that the bag should be too electronic, the application of rubber band to a small piece of paper attached to the knife on the screw, cut out the tape at the same time out of the bag down.

9, blown film machine out of rolling thickness uneven, while thin how to do

Need to be on the thin side of the electronic frame in a circle to the appropriate so far.

10, printing bag feeding is not smooth, electric eye is not sensitive how to do

First check the electric eye is not used correctly, electric eye on the sensitive reaction of color have some stress, if the bag is monochrome with blue, heavy red with red, red can be used for monochrome, heavy color. The edge of the machine under the electric eye to spray black, if the bag color is single and heavier then use the best white.

11, the new machine did not cut the bag for how long, cut the knife to cut the thin film, or a certain cut how to do

This is the case, probably because the knife beam slider after a period of time running, resulting in the gap between the slider and the copper pad is too large, resulting in cutting knife cut continuously. You can adjust the copper pad of the top seam (M6 inside the corner), adjusted to the hand on the knife beam slider so far, but can not be transferred too tight. Boot cut 15-20 per minute, the knife beam no obvious jitter to prove that the gap is just tight. In addition, you can adjust the pressure on the knife beam spring.

12, flat mouth machine, R machine seal is not strong how to do

① Check whether the hot knife Caton: hot knife sealing is not smooth will cause sealing sometimes strong, sometimes not strong.

② check the blade because of heating and deformation, bending. Check the method is to turn the hot knife to the bottom, when the hot knife just to pick up

Touch the silicone roller or silica gel plate, through the light to determine the hot knife has no bending, if bending, repair blade flatness

③ check the film over electrons is too strong, with no over the electronic film test, there are sealing and cutting to see whether there is no obvious change in the seal, the case, that the film too much electrons, it is recommended for a roll material.

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