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Causes And Maintenance Tips Of Roller Wear Of Printing Machine
Jul 13, 2017

  Causes and Maintenance Tips of Roller Wear of Printing Machine

  The role of the press roller (including water roller and ink roller) in the printing process is important, but in the actual production of many printing companies will soon use the original replacement of the roller. Printing Machine Most manufacturers because of the cleaning and maintenance of the roller is not enough in place, leading to premature aging of the original roller, resulting in printing failure and cost loss.

  In this regard, this paper on the reasons for the printing machine roller wear a large inventory, at the same time for everyone to share 10 Tips for roller maintenance. The same time as the above-

  Reason inventory

  Printing machine in the use of the roller, due to the use or improper operation, will lead to shortening or damage to the tire life. Printing Machine What are the reasons?

  ① ink roller pressure adjustment properly, will lead to ink roller wear, especially the pressure of a heavy light situation, it is easy to lead to damage to the roller.

  ② the end of the fountain roller handle forget to close, will make the measuring roller colloid tear damage, if one end is not closed or one end is not in place, will lead to measuring roller and wear plate roll wear.

  ③ installed version of the process, PS version of the plate is not in place and PS version of the mouth and the end of the pull-off version of the screw is not tightened, PS version of the non-tightening part of the hollow will wear off the rubber roller; Too tight or top version is too powerful, Printing Machine resulting in deformation or broken version of the ink roller damage, especially by the version of the water roller because of the low hardness of rubber, the damage is most obvious.

  ④ printing process, the printing of a long single, both ends of the operation with the middle of the situation is not the same, will lead to both ends of the ink roller wear.

  ⑤ poor printing of paper, paper off the paper powder and sand will lead to water roller and copper roller wear.

  ⑥ in the printing plate with a sharp gauge or do other signs, resulting in damage to the ink roller.

  ⑦ printing process, due to poor local water quality, high hardness, and the printing plant and did not install the appropriate water treatment device, resulting in the accumulation of water roller surface calcification, so that the rubber hardness, friction increased, there The problem will not only cause the ink roller to wear, but also cause serious print quality problems.

  ⑧ No water roller is regularly maintained and recycled.

  ⑨ long time do not wash the car and measuring the surface of the roller can also cause wear.

  ⑩ special process, such as printing gold and silver cardboard, stickers or film, etc., need special ink and special additives, will accelerate the aging of the rubber roll.

  ⑪ The roughness of the ink particles, especially the roughness of the UV ink, has a direct effect on the wear of the roller.

  Read different parts of the roller, Printing Machine wear different speed. Such as the ink roller, because of its action for the static → high-speed → still repeated reciprocating, the degree of wear more than the general fast.

  The wear of both ends of the roller is greater than that of the middle due to the axial movement of the string (water) ink roller.

  ⑭ in a long time downtime (such as the Spring Festival holiday, etc.), rubber roller for a long time static extrusion, resulting in rubber roller colloid diameter is not uniform, rubber roller rotation deformation deformation, aggravate the wear of the roller.

  ⑮ working environment temperature control is not good (overcooling or overheating), beyond the rubber rubber colloidal physical properties range, aggravate the wear of the roller.

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