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Common Problems In Bag Making Machine Operation
Nov 15, 2018
1. What is the reason that the heat sealing of the bag making machine does not completely cause the leakage or deterioration of the contents?
The reason is that the fouling resistance of the film is poor, mainly because the resin used in the inner seal is not suitable.
Countermeasure: the film with good heat resistance and sealing resistance is adopted. Generally speaking, LDPE has moderate anti-pollution heat sealing, EVA has good anti-pollution heat sealing when VA content is high, LDPE also has good anti-pollution heat sealing, ionic resin and metallocene polymer have excellent anti-pollution heat sealing.

2. How can plastic bag making machine be crisp and brittle?
Reasons: (1) Excessive heat sealing temperature; (2) Excessive pressure; (3) Excessive heat sealing time; (4) Too sharp edge of the upper seal or PTFE wrapped damage; (5) Overhard silicone rubber at the bottom seal; (6) In the process of compounding and aging, part of the adhesive penetrates into the film. Because of the influence of adhesive penetration, the toughness (impact resistance) decreases and the brittleness increases; (7) After cooling and placing, the heat sealing strength of plastic composite bags increases, but also tends to become brittle.
(1) According to the heat sealing characteristics of the inner sealing material, the suitable processing temperature, pressure and heat sealing time are selected.
(2) Improve the surface state of the upper heat sealing knife, so that the surface of the sealing device is smooth.
(3) Coated with polytetrafluoroethylene;
(4) Choose suitable silicone rubber pad.

3. The principle of non woven bag making machine is as follows:
non woven bag making machine uses ultrasonic welding, needle and thread free, eliminating the trouble of frequent needle change, no traditional thread stitching broken joint, but also for textiles neat local shearing and sealing. At the same time, the stitching also plays a decorative role, strong adhesive force, can achieve waterproof effect, clear embossing, surface more with three-dimensional relief effect, fast working speed, good product effect more high-grade beauty; quality assurance.
non woven bag making machine mainly refers to environmental protection bag machine, namely non-woven bag machine, the main feature is environmental protection, and can be used many times.

4. The characteristics of the bag making machine are as follows:
(1) Low cost, 5 to 6 times faster than traditional machine, and high efficiency.
(2) Using ultrasonic and special steel wheel processing, the sealing edge does not crack, does not damage the fabric edge, and there is no wool edge, crimping phenomenon.
(3) No preheating is required and continuous operation is required.
(4) Simple operation, and the traditional sewing machine operation method is not much different, ordinary sewing machine can operate.
(5) Using special alloy steel to make flower wheel mould, we can develop all kinds of complicated flower pattern according to customer's requirement; welding head is wear-resistant and has long service life, pattern disassembly is convenient and easy, eccentric adjustment, flexible, fast and high level.

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