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Control Of Heat Seal Temperature Of High Speed Bag Making Machine
Jan 11, 2019

Control of Heat Seal Temperature of High Speed Bag Making Machine
The high-speed
bag making machine needs a heat-sealing temperature in the process of bag-making. Reasonable heat-sealing temperature is helpful for production and manufacture. Its function is to heat the adhesive film to an ideal viscous flow state. When choosing the heat sealing temperature, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the heat sealing material, the thickness of the film, the number of times of hot sealing and pressing, and the size of the heat sealing area. If the number of hot pressing at the agreed position increases, the temperature can be adjusted appropriately, and if the heat sealing area increases, the heat sealing temperature can be increased.
Here we take PVC plastic as an example. PVC plastic belongs to amorphous polymer and has no fixed melting point, so there is only one melting temperature range, that is, a temperature range between solid phase and liquid phase. When heated to this temperature range, the film will enter a melting state. The upper and lower limits of the temperature range represent the decomposition temperature and the viscous flow temperature of PVC, respectively. The difference between them is the key to determine the difficulty of heat sealing.
In the process of high-speed nonwoven bag making machine the heat seal strength is affected by the heat seal temperature. The higher the heat seal temperature, the higher the heat seal strength will be, but at a certain temperature, the heat seal strength will not change. In the process of high-speed bag-making machine, excessive heat-sealing temperature will damage the heat-sealing material at the welding site, reduce the heat-sealing strength of the sealing and the impact resistance of the bag. Therefore, the heat sealing temperature should be higher than the melting temperature of the heat sealing material, and the temperature should not be too high.

Swing mechanism of high-speed bag making machine
The utility model relates to a swing mechanism of a fully automatic high-speed non woven bag making machine, which relates to packaging machinery in the plastic industry. It includes two rocker arm plates and rocker cylinder; two rocker arm plates are installed on the spindle of bag making machine by rocking fixed bearing seat, and the two rocker arm plates are connected together by connecting rod; the hot needle beam is connected with the connecting seat of hot needle cylinder by two hot needle guide rods; the hot needle guide bearing is on the connecting seat of hot needle cylinder, and the hot needle guide bearing is on the connecting seat of hot needle cylinder. Needle guide bearing sleeve is installed on hot needle guide rod; hot needle cylinder link seat is installed with hot needle copper block fixed seat; rocker arm plate is installed with pressure bag joint seat; high-force brass wear-resistant shaft copper sleeve is embedded in pressure bag joint seat; pressure bag rod is installed in pressure bag joint seat; pressure bag cross beam is installed between the top of two pressure bag rods; main shaft is connected with each other. Install the cam ring of the main knife through the bearing and the eccentric wheel of the main knife. The technology solves the sticking problem of two high temperature bags after discharging from the traditional vest bag plastic bag making machine.

Middle seal controller
Internal bag making machine equipment is a huge market for bagging machines. Bag-making machine equipment application is related to food, chemical industry, medicine and many other major industries of national economy and people's livelihood. Behind the supply of food materials for China's 1.3 billion people, the huge market of bag-making machine packaging machine. Over the past decade, the rapid development of this product has witnessed the myth of China's rapid economic development. Its market demand is strong and constantly improving. This can be proved by the sales data of the same bag machine equipment in the simple food industry.
In the design of the middle-seal controller, the solution under the control requirement of the mechanism of the middle-seal non woven bag making machine is put forward from the overall control strategy. Then the hardware circuit of the middle-seal controller and the control interface of the middle-seal controller are designed. Finally, each module is designed from the software aspect of the middle-seal controller. Block program. On-line debugging of the middle seal controller is carried out to complete the hot pressing of the middle seal.

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