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Film Blowing Machine In The Maintenance Of Attention
Oct 16, 2017

1, due to Film Blowing Machine transport may be damaged electrical components or thread off, etc., should first strictly check, to ensure personal safety, open the machine must be connected to the ground, and then turn on the power, and then strictly check the motor parts are correct , Film Blowing Machine And pay attention to whether the phenomenon of leakage. In the case of

2, the installation should pay attention to adjust the extruder head centerline and traction roller center to maintain horizontal and vertical, not deviate from the skew. In the case of

3, winding volume due to the gradual increase in diameter Please note that the traction speed and winding speed with, please adjust. In the case of

4, the host is turned on, pay close attention to the host running, timely adjustment, correction, electrical instrumentation, controller, observe whether there are abnormal or damaged, and to repair replacement to ensure its normal operation. In the case of

5, plastic film blowing machine mainframe gear box, Film Blowing Machine traction gear box should always refuel, replace gear oil (oil level to scale line can be), the new machine in the use of 10 days or so to replace the new gear oil to ensure that the rotation of the normal parts Operation, to prevent the operation of the difficulties and overheating damage, but also check the connection of the tightening of the situation to prevent the bolt loose. In the case of

6, the bubble in the compressed air should be balanced, because the traction process, will bring out the compressed air leakage, to achieve timely replenishment effect. In the case of

7, often clean up the replacement of the head of the filter, to prevent clogging, to prevent the plastic particles mixed with iron Shaw, sand, stone and other impurities falling barrel, to avoid damage to the screw and barrel. In the case of

8, is strictly prohibited no air moving, in the barrel, three links, die does not meet the required temperature, can not start the host. In the case of

9, start the main motor, you should first start the motor after the acceleration, to achieve the required speed after stabilization; turn off the main motor, you should first slow down and then shut down. In the case of

10, Film Blowing Machine preheating, heating should not be too long and too high, so as not to block the mouth; conditions can use the automatic temperature control system, set the upper and lower tolerance temperature automatically smooth, convenient and safe.

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