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Film Blowing Machine Production Of The Film Is Suitable For A Variety Of High-grade Film Packaging
Sep 30, 2017

Film blowing machine is to melt the plastic particles and then blown into a thin film. Blowing machine is divided into many kinds, PE, POF and so on. With a new particle blowing is a new material, color are called, clean, good stretch of the bag. Some people use recycled plastic bags to make particles, this particle is generally called the old material, made of particles is usually gray, in the bag is usually added when the pigment, made of bag color uneven, crisp and easy to break , The price is lower.

Although it is the recovery of plastic bags but are generally the process of bagging waste bags and the usual sense of the garbage plastic or a great difference.

The composition of the film blowing machine is composed of ① motor, ②cylinder, ③head, ④dies, ⑤v board, ⑥ on the wheel, ⑦ smooth wheel, ⑧ on the wheel 2, ⑨wind nine parts of raw materials LLDPE and LDPE temperature is 160-180 degrees HDPE temperature Is the 210-230 degree blown film machine work the most important is the three factors a temperature (machine temperature, indoor temperature) two spiral three cooling system blown film machine is produced for a variety of high-grade film packaging.

This film because of its good barrier, fresh, moisture, frost, oxygen, oil, can be widely used in light and heavy packaging. Such as all kinds of fresh fruit, meat food, pickles, fresh milk, liquid drinks, medical supplies and so on. But it is not made of waste plastic raw materials, is the use of plastic particles raw materials.

Use the method correctly

1, check the temperature control intact, heating appliances intact, pay attention to timely adjustment of the point of heating temperature within the target range.

2, check the traction speed, control film thickness.

3, observe the thickness of the film to adjust the uniform, diameter meet the standard

4, check the air storage tank pressure, not too high, but should have spare pressure.

5, check the control of raw materials and mix evenly.

6, check the raw materials with or without impurities, in particular, should be timely with a magnet check iron mixed.

7, check the gear box and air compressor cylinder lubricating oil lubrication.

8, regularly check the running motor temperature and mechanical transmission situation.

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