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Film Blowing Machine Temperature Control Can Make Film And Regular Film Blowing
Jan 04, 2018

        Film blowing machine made the film because of its barrier properties good, fresh, damp, Frost-proof, oxygen, oil resistance, can be widely used for light and heavy packages. Such as fresh fruit, meat, pickles, fresh milk, liquid beverages, widely used in the fields such as medical supplies. For ease of membranes and normal blowing film blowing machine, film blowing machine needs an optimal temperature, then how will this temperature control.

According to the theory of melting plastic, blow film extruder screw is divided into three sections: feeding, melting, homogenizing sections. In the feeding of the end into the melting begins, according to the theory of melting, it should be viscous flow temperature. Blown resin flow temperature PP:164-175 degrees, PE:105-135 degrees, PA:195-210 degrees Celsius. Determines the quality of the environment.


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