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Film Blowing Machine To Help The Development Of The Plastics Industry
Oct 16, 2017

Film Blowing Machine to help the development of the plastics industry

Film blowing blown film is usually made of goods transport, food packaging, product preservation, biotechnology and other industries, blown film quality and blown film technology determines the quality of film forming. So a good performance Film Blowing Machine in the process of producing thin film to show a good market adaptability, improve production efficiency at the same time, to provide people with convenience and promote the harmonious development of society.

Food packaging is the most widely used field of film, blown film blown out of high-grade film can be used for product packaging publicity, improve business value. Today, Film Blowing Machine development of high-end technology, blown film can also be used as food preservation and many other application technology, take a new blown film manufacturing road. Blown film blowing a special plastic wrap, the use of advanced technology, so that fruit and vegetables durable release.

This film is composed of a nylon semi-transparent film, the film is almost transparent, good water permeability, in the sandwich with a certain amount of sugar syrup, gently wrapped around the surface of the goods, this film must ensure that environmentally friendly , While a strong water permeability, can absorb fruit and vegetable juice, to achieve the purpose of preservation. This special raw materials need Film Blowing Machine with high-end traction and drawing ability to ensure that the product film tough breathable.

Blown film-driven blown film to food processing and packaging to bring so much convenience, as technology continues to deepen, Film Blowing Machine through continuous upgrading, will play a more role in promoting the plastic and packaging industry to the high-end go ahead.

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