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How To Operate The Most Economical Film Blowing Machine
Sep 28, 2017

How to operate the most economical Film Blowing Machine

Film Blowing Machine manufacturing machinery technology will promote the development of the plastics industry, a long time, the plastics industry relies on foreign advanced machinery and equipment, the introduction of foreign technology, plastics industry and the press will increase the production costs, the development of intelligent machine model not only improve The Film Blowing Machine performance, more cost reduction, reduce working hours, will significantly improve the status of the plastics industry. Intelligent manufacturing equipment refers to the mechanical equipment with intelligent system, with the outside world of perception, analysis, decision-making and control functions, the application of this intelligent mode, so that Film Blowing Machine with sensing, temperature control perception coefficient, can be effective automatic operation , To improve efficiency, and make Film Blowing Machine with a preventive detection function.

The production process of the Film Blowing Machine is to first add the dry polyethylene particles into the hopper, and then the particles from their own weight from the hopper into the screw, when the screw and thread oblique contact, the rotation of the oblique face of plastic and oblique Stretch the vertical thrust to move the particles forward. In the process of pushing the plastic and the friction between the screw and the plastic and the barrel and the friction between the particles, but also because of the external heating of the cylinder to melt the plastic. The molten plastic is filtered through the nose to remove impurities from the mold, and the finished film is rolled into a tube by cooling, inflation, etc.

Electromagnetic heating (IH) technology is a new type of high-frequency heating technology, through the research and development of scientific research personnel to produce energy-saving environmental protection high-frequency heating system, heating efficiency increased to 90% (up to 99.8%). According to the installation and testing of various plastic processing enterprises, energy saving and environmental protection high-frequency heating system for plastic processing enterprises is very effective energy-saving effect, saving electricity up to 30% -70%. Fully embodies its energy-saving advantages for the plastic processing enterprises to save a lot of electricity costs, improve production efficiency and improve the workshop environment, which directly reduce the indirect production costs.

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