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Improve The Maintenance Of The Bag Making Machine
Nov 30, 2018
Bag-making machine is a machine for making various plastic bags or other material bags. Its processing range is plastic or other material bags of different sizes, thicknesses and specifications. Generally speaking, plastic bags are the main products.

Improve the maintenance of the bag making machine

In daily work, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, in peacetime, we must pay attention to the maintenance of bag making machine. This is not a job, but an operation habit of non woven bag making machine operators. It is a way to prolong the service life of the machine and improve the interests of enterprises. Here are some ways to maintain the  bag making machine.

First point: the protection of drying performance: bag making machine in the long-term cleaning process of oil stains, to protect the dry state, so as to improve the long-term use of the phenomenon of rust, improve the high-pressure working state of machinery in the stable function of performance.

Second point: Periodic heating work: For the time of working steps, we should strengthen the regular maintenance of bag cutting machine, reduce noise operation, and protect the functional steps with high accuracy and stable current flow efficiency in the effective control of high temperature operation effect.

Third point: regular maintenance of separator: bag making machine has played a highly efficient role in adjusting equipment during the process of prolonging the use of machinery, improved the sharp step procedure of tape cutting in various plastics, and became a solid state of mechanical grinding technology.

Bag making process has several main functions

Bagging process of non woven bag making machine usually has several main functions, including material feeding, sealing, cutting and bagging.

In the feeding section, the flexible packaging film fed by the rollers is uncoiling through a feeding roller. The feeding roller is used to move the membrane inside the machine to perform the required operation. Feeding is usually intermittent operation, such as sealing, cutting and other operations are carried out during the stop of feeding. The dancing roller is used to maintain the constant tension on the film drum. In order to maintain tension and critical feeding accuracy, feeding machines and dancing rollers are necessary.

In the sealing part, the temperature-controlled sealing element is moved to contact the film for a specific time to properly seal the material. The sealing temperature and seal duration vary according to the material type and must be kept constant at different machine speeds. The configuration of the sealing element and the related machine format depend on the type of seal specified in the bag design. In most machine operation modes, the sealing process is accompanied by the cutting process, and both operations are carried out at the completion of feeding.

During cutting and bagging operations, operations such as sealing are usually performed during the non-feeding cycle of the non woven bag making machine. Similar to the sealing process, cutting and bag handling also determine the best form of machine. In addition to these basic functions, the execution of additional operations such as zippers, pockets with holes, handbags, anti-destructive seals, pocket nozzles, cap treatment and so on may depend on the design of packaging bags. Attachments connected to basic machines are responsible for performing such additional operations.

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