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Knowledge Of Bag Making Machine
Dec 06, 2018
Knowledge of bag making machine

Bag making machine is a new type of intelligent machine. It introduces advanced technology at home and abroad. The whole body is made of PIC. All parameters in the host computer are displayed by the man-machine interface at any time. And the interface between Chinese and English can be applied to anyone in any country. Such a simple and convenient operation can greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises. In this omnipotent machine, you can set the length, thickness, width of the product at will in the screen interface of the host, as well as the temperature needed in the production process and the conveyance rate of the finished product. The most convenient thing is that just look at the interface of the bag making machine can easily know the number of finished products produced. In use, the heat source should be opened first, and then the temperature of hot air knife should be adjusted according to the requirements of specific products. The location of slicing and punching must be set in advance. Then use the sample to make an accurate judgement and adjustment for the speed of the bag making machine. Everything is ready for rapid production.

Bag making machine is to make all kinds of plastic packaging bags or other materials packaging bags. Its processing range is all kinds of plastic or other materials packaging bags of different sizes, thickness and specifications. Generally speaking, plastic packaging bags are the main products. After years of research and development, bagging machines meet the different needs of the market, and research and development to improve the design of different types of plastic bag packaging machinery. The carry bag making machine can be divided into PP bag-making machine, PVC bag-making machine, PE bag-making machine and other kinds of plastic bag-making machinery and equipment. It can also be classified by the use of bag-making machine, such as plastic bag-making machine, garbage bag-making machine, shopping bag-making machine and so on.

What factors do the sealing temperature of bag making machine depend on?

The carry bag making machine can produce bags of different specifications. These bags are widely used in food and chemical industry. When making bags, it needs proper temperature to make them shape. What is the heat sealing temperature of the bag machine? Is it related to bag making raw materials?

In the process of bag making, a heat sealing temperature is needed for the bag making machine. Its function is to heat the adhesive film to an ideal viscous flow state. When choosing the heat sealing temperature, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the heat sealing material, the thickness of the film, the number of times of hot sealing and pressing, and the size of the heat sealing area.

That is to say, if the number of hot pressing in the same part increases, the temperature can be adjusted appropriately; if the heat sealing area increases, the heat sealing temperature can be increased. The main raw material used in bag making machine is PVC plastic, which is a kind of amorphous polymer, so there is no fixed melting point, only a melting temperature range, that is, a temperature zone between solid phase and liquid phase.

When PVC plastic is heated to this temperature range by the carry bag making machine, the film will enter a melting state, thus helping to shape the bag. At this time, the upper and lower limits of the temperature range represent the decomposition temperature and the viscous flow temperature of PVC respectively. The difference between them is the key to determine the difficulty of heat sealing.

In the process of bag making, the heat seal strength is affected by the heat seal temperature. The higher the heat seal temperature, the higher the heat seal strength will be. But at a certain temperature, the heat seal strength will not change. If the heat sealing temperature is too high, it will damage the heat sealing material at the welding site, reduce the heat sealing strength of the seal and the impact resistance of the bag. Therefore, the heat sealing temperature is higher than that of the heat sealing material, and the temperature should not be too high.

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