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Non Woven Bag Making Machine Maintenance
Jan 04, 2018

        For large automatic non woven bag making machine or main automatic non-woven bag machine, it is particularly important to do the "Maintenance and inspection" work. Various forms of automatic non-woven bag machine repair and inspection work needs to be closely integrated, synchronized. 

        During the automatic non-woven bag machine, repair or temporary repair, if a key automatic non-woven bag machine such as mainframe automatic non-woven bag machine, shearing machine, large main motor has been removed out of the box parts repair, at this time in addition to the quality and quantity to complete the repair work, also need to complete the synchronous automatic non-woven bag machine inspection tasks.

        In order to make full use of this precious opportunity, the automatic non-woven bag making machine is checked and recorded. For example, what parts of which parts wear or deformation occurred, what is the specific value; gear and bearing; lubricating oil in the box body color, smell and the presence of small impurities, is needed to test; shape and position tolerance for the main components of the value, the different degree of shaft coupling.

        Needs to be pointed out that some automatic non-woven bag making machine inspection work is not a professional can independently, need more professional coordination detection, should pay attention to the work of organization and coordination, such as the large motor, check the workshop crane inspection etc.. In short, automatic non-woven bag machine inspection work requires serious and meticulous work style. The "seeing a doctor" is the basis for the management of the automatic non-woven bag making machine and the maintenance of the automatic non-woven bag making machine. The results and data of the inspection work is the most important basis for the following repair work and management work.


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