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Non-woven Bag Making Machine Ultrasonic Bonding Operation Technology
Nov 08, 2018

The main components of the ultrasonic generator are horns, power supplies and transformers. The horn is also known as the radiation head. Ultrasonic bonding equipment mainly consists of an ultrasonic generator and a roller. Acoustic waves can be collected on a single plane; the rollers, also known as anvils, are used to collect the heat released from the ultrasonic generator horn. The glued data is placed between the ultrasonic generator "horn" and the roller, and is bonded together with a low static force. The frequency converter converts the electric power into high-frequency electric energy, converts the electric energy into ultrasonic vibrators, and finally converts them into vibration energy. The amplified vibration (vibrator) amplifies the vibration energy and transmits it to the horn. The acoustic tool immediately associates with the data to be bonded. contact. These hyperacoustic frequencies cause mechanical stress between the data molecules, releasing heat, destroying the binding of the molecules in the data, causing the material to melt at the bond points, and then bonding the two or more layers of materials together with mechanical pressure.
Non-woven bag making machine Ultrasonic technology is used in the textile industry from the initial processing of mattresses and bedspreads to fully automatic non-woven fabrics Bag machine compared to the traditional needle-type wired suture. The nonwovens industry has now been applied on a large scale. Ultrasonic energy belongs to the mechanical vibration energy, frequency beyond the hearing range of 18000Hz people, extended reading: non-woven bag making machine, circular loom, four-column hydraulic press, gravure printing machine, slotting machine, cooling fan has a wide range of wavelengths Available. When applied to the bonding of adhesive thermoplastic materials, such as non-woven fabrics, the commonly used frequency is 20000Hz zipper pouch bag making machine
By using ultrasonic bonding, needle thread is avoided, the line changing process is omitted, there is no breakage joint condition of the radical line sewing, and the non-woven fabric can also be neatly cut and sealed locally. The working speed is fast, the edge of the seal is not cracked, the edge of the cloth is not damaged, and there is no burr or curling phenomenon. At the same time, ultrasonic bonding effectively prevents fiber degradation caused by thermal bonding, the adhesive layer affects the porosity of the material, and causes problems such as delamination after receiving the impact of the liquid. Non-woven Three-dimensional Bag Making Machine

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