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Non-woven Bags And Plastic Bags
Oct 11, 2017

Non-woven bags and plastic bags

In the past a long time, the plastic bag to our life has brought great convenience. However, the environmental pollution caused by plastic bags has become increasingly prominent, can not be ignored. Its recycling value is low, become a common "white pollution."

In this social context, China in June 2008 and September has issued a start to implement the restrictions on the use of plastic bags - "plastic limit order." Nonwovens bags with its environmental protection, beautiful, low price, wide range of uses, etc., quickly in the family, supermarkets, hospitals, enterprises and other places to use. In the developed countries has long been widely used.

In the country, environmentally friendly non-woven bags with a comprehensive replacement of the trend of pollution of plastic bags, the domestic market prospects continue to be optimistic! The implementation of "plastic limit order" since the supermarket has been difficult to see the public with a large number of plastic bags to mention things to go home. And different materials, environmentally friendly shopping bags have gradually become the modern people's "new favorite."

The characteristics of non-woven bags Compared with the traditional plastic bag, non-woven bag machine bag longer life, more widely used, can be used as non-woven shopping bags, non-woven advertising bags, non-woven gifts Bags, non-woven storage bags used. At the same time, non-woven bag as an environmentally friendly bag, but also has a good toughness, breathable waterproof, non-toxic and tasteless and so on. Practice has proved that non-woven bag machine is you can rest assured that the use of high-quality environmentally friendly bag-making equipment.

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