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Non Woven Bags Project
Oct 26, 2017

 Non Woven Bags Project Reports, Non Woven Fabric Bags Project Reports


This project report will add details to technical and commercial aspects for already successful as well as new entrepreneurs who desire to invest or venture into manufacturing non woven fabric bags. Non Woven bags are predominantly used now-a-days in various ways and purpose like for eg. in Portfolio Bag used in advertisement, Messenger Bag, Shopping Bag, Tote Bag, Carry Bag for commercial & professional purposes, Shoulder Bag, Grocery Bags, Fashion Bags, Wine Bottle Bags etc..

The world population is around 7 billion and it is expected to reach 8 billion by 2030 and 9 billion respectively by 2050. On an average a person uses approximately 300 bags per year, therefore the current usage of bags is approximately 2 trillion. This means around 4 million bags are being used per minute across the world.

Maximum of these bags are polyethylene plastic bags, non-bio-degradable in nature i.e. it needs 300-450 years to degrade and because of such environmental issues, many countries have initiated to ban the usage of these plastic bags. The non woven bags have already started substituting the plastic ones. And nowadays, there is a huge popularity of these nonwoven bags in major recognized grocery, retail stores, and shopping malls.

Five years down the line, more than 90% of the countries are going to use these nonwoven and natural fibre made recyclable and reusable bags. Therefore, a non woven bag that comes under packaging textile of technical textiles would create a boom in the packaging industry.

Table of Contents

  • Basic introduction to non woven bags

    • About bag

    • History of bags

    • About non woven bags

    • Dimension of non woven bag

    • Properties of non woven bags

    • Raw material for non woven bag

  • Different type of non woven bags

  • Comparative analysis of production of total bag per kg vis-à-vis non woven fabric’s gsm, width, length

  • Applications of nonwoven bag

  • Technical features of nonwoven bag making machine

  • Worldwide nonwoven bag machinery manufacturers list

  • Precautions to take before making nonwoven bag

  • Process flowchart for producing nonwoven bags

  • Nonwoven bag manufacturing process

  • Market potential of non woven bags

  • Different testing done for nonwoven bag

  • Comparison of plastic bags, polypropylene non woven fabric bags and paper bags

  • Comparison for production amongst Asian technologies

  • Land, building & construction cost

  • Power cost

  • Manpower cost

  • Total project cost

  • Raw material costing

  • Profitability statement [10 years]

  • Comparison of nonwoven project cost & profitability with different production rate (35 Pcs /min; 70 Pcs /min & 120 Pcs /min)

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