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Printing Machine How To Carry Out Maintenance
Sep 30, 2017

A press is a mechanical device that presses ink on a media side (such as paper and cloth). Modern printing presses generally by the installed version, ink, imprint, paper (including folding) and other institutions. Its working principle is: first to print the text and images made of plate, mounted on the press, and then by the artificial or printing press the ink coated on the plate with text and images of the place, and then directly or indirectly Printed on paper or other substrates (such as textiles, metal plates, plastic, leather, wood, glass and ceramics), thus copying the same prints as the plates. The invention and development of the printing press play an important role in the spread of human civilization and culture.


1. Check the state of the low-speed operation of the press and record the ammeter reading on the main cabinet as a reference standard for judging whether the state of the press is normal when the machine is restarted

2. First, the water roller on the ink roller wash, and then the unit on the ink roller all removed to avoid the tape for a long time extrusion deformation and damage. And check both ends of the bearing, with the plaster to protect the rubber roller, with copper water to maintain copper roller, and in the string of water roller and fountain rub on the plate to protect the plastic, the specific use of the operation according to the daily instructions.

3. In the fountain, ink bucket button, ink fountain roller cleaning are wiping a layer of lubricants for maintenance, to prevent rust.

4. Remove the blanket and the pad and the PS plate all the way, in the rubber roller and the impression cylinder surface and roller pad are wiping a little oil to be maintained to prevent rust. If the plate cylinder is not installed in the end of the film, the same need to plate in the roller surface and roller pad are wiping a little oil to do rust treatment; if the installation of the film and the installation time has been more than 3 months, please If the installation of the film at the end of the film is not more than 3 months, please use a dry cloth to clean the film (roller pillow also need to wear a little lubricant to do anti-rust treatment).

5. All the groups on the roller brush all removed, put it into the oil tank soak, after the holiday to work and then install.

6. Remove the water from the water tank and the water bucket and clean the water tank of each color group. In addition, put the PH test probe into the protective solution to prevent dryness. Please remind: Do not put the PH test head in pure water.

7. Clean the scraper to send the paper chain and the teeth and refueling maintenance.

8. Clean the transfer roller and impression cylinder and the tooth pad, and in the lubrication part of the fuel maintenance.

9. Clean the machine all the filter, the service life of more than a year must be replaced, and to the entire lubrication of the lubricants.

10. To protect and extend the life of the press, it is recommended to replace the host lubricants and filters, and pay attention to the type and origin of lubricants, so as not to add wrong or use fake oil.

11. If the machine is equipped with a string of water cooling equipment, and the ambient temperature may be lower than 0 ℃, then in the cooling water by adding antifreeze or let cool water to prevent the freezing of water pipes and related equipment (oil cooler without oil ).

12. Turn off the host power and water tank tap water switch, the air compressor air and water let go, the host air control device air also let go.

13. Clean the machine surface and clean the surroundings, it is best to cover the machine with paper.

14. Good anti-rat work. In the electric box, the machine floor and other places put some stink pills (mothballs); is strictly prohibited in the printing workshop to eat food and place food; each machine next to the installation of two ultrasonic cat, 24 hours boot; use WEKO powder machine customers please use PS version of the dusting machine in the dust fountain protection, to avoid damage to rats.

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