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Printing Machine Maintenance Methods And Maintenance Principles
Jul 13, 2017

  Printing machine maintenance methods and maintenance principles

  The maintenance and repair of the machine during the production process is also the focus of the work, only to ensure the stability of the machine in order to ensure the smooth progress of production. This article mainly introduces the printing machine maintenance and maintenance principles.

  1. The maintenance of the printing press

  Repair is often associated with the detection of equipment, also known as maintenance. At present, the maintenance system of the equipment can be divided into three methods: post-maintenance, preventive overhaul and state-based overhaul.

  (1) after the maintenance

  After the maintenance is also known as troubleshooting, refers to the printing machine failure occurred when the unplanned maintenance. Subsequent maintenance is only suitable for non-critical equipment with little impact on production.

  (2) preventive periodic maintenance

  Preventive periodic maintenance is a time-based preventive maintenance method, according to the equipment running wear or performance degradation of the statistical laws and experience in advance to develop, so also known as the planned maintenance. Preventive regular maintenance categories, cycles, work content, maintenance methods, etc. Printing machine are pre-determined, suitable for the known equipment wear state or performance degradation of the printing press.

  (3) based on the state of maintenance

  State-based overhaul is a higher-level maintenance system developed by preventive maintenance. Based on the status of the maintenance of equipment on-line status monitoring data based on the fault diagnosis and expert system of historical data and online data analysis to determine the equipment to determine the health status and performance status, and to predict its development trend. Based on the state of the maintenance can be timely and targeted equipment maintenance, not only can improve the utilization of equipment, but also can effectively reduce the cost of equipment maintenance, and achieved significant economic benefits.

  2. The principle of maintenance of the press

  Any maintenance is costly, so it is necessary to carry out economic evaluation of maintenance, especially large maintenance, Printing machine and to determine the cost of maintenance. For this purpose, it is necessary to check the equipment to confirm the need to replace the parts to be estimated, if the cost of a repair more than 30% of the equipment to re-purchase price, then the repair is not cost-effective in the maintenance process should be implemented The following basic principles.

  (1) to prevent the main

  Regular maintenance and regular maintenance. Carry out the prevention of the main, we must grasp the equipment operation and parts loss of the law, to strengthen routine maintenance inspection, timely removal of equipment defects and hidden dangers to prevent the occurrence of equipment accidents, equipment maintenance and repair prevention and governance relationship. Poor maintenance or improper handling of parts will accelerate wear. Suffered accidental damage, increase the number of repairs and repair time, only do a good job of regular maintenance work to prevent and control is inevitable. But the maintenance work can not be completely clear normal wear and tear, must also be scheduled to regular maintenance.

  (2) first maintenance, after the production

  Do the maintenance of equipment, must correctly handle the relationship between maintenance and production. Maintenance to take production time, and production must have time to ensure that the maintenance and production is contradictory, but to deal with the relationship between maintenance and production, must be unified, Printing machine the necessary maintenance to ensure the smooth progress of production, improve Production efficiency and product quality. Maintenance and production are unified, so to deal with the relationship between maintenance and production. First repairs after production, can not have heavy production of light maintenance ideas.

  (3) the operator and professional maintenance match

  Professional maintenance personnel familiar with the structure of the equipment, repair a higher level of technology, and the operator is the equipment users, Printing machine better understand the performance of equipment, familiar with the parts in which the equipment prone to failure, the combination of the two is conducive to fast and good Equipment maintenance. Therefore, maintenance personnel and operators should learn from each other and cooperate closely.

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