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Problems And Countermeasures Of Daily Operation Of Bag Making Machine
Nov 01, 2017

The following two points are the most common problems encountered in the operation of the Bag Making Machine

1, Bag Making Machine heat sealing does not completely cause the contents of the leak or deterioration how to do?

Cause: The film is not suitable for the heat-resistant sealability of the film, mainly the resin used for the inner seal layer.

Countermeasures: the use of anti-pollution heat sealing film. In general, LDPE has a moderate anti-pollution heat sealing, EVA in the VA content of a large anti-pollution heat sealing, LDPE also has a good anti-pollution heat sealing, ionic resin and metallocene polymer Has excellent anti-pollution heat sealing.

2, Bag Making Machine sealing crisp and brittle broken how to do?

(3) heat sealing time is too long; (4) the edge of the upper sealing device is too sharp or the damage of the covered PTFE; (5) the heat sealing temperature is too high; (2) the pressure is too large; ) At the bottom of the seal of the silicone rubber is too hard; (6) in the composite and curing process, part of the adhesive into the film inside. (7) plastic composite bags in the cooling and placement, the heat sealing strength has increased, but also tend to brittle tendencies (impact resistance) decreased, the brittleness increased; (7) plastic composite bags in the cooling and placing, The

(2) to improve the surface of the upper heat sealing knife, so that the surface of the sealing device flat; (3) to poly Tetrafluoroethylene cloth is well covered; (4) select the appropriate hardness of the silicone rubber pad.

Vest bag Bag Making Machine features:

1. Can produce vest bags, handbags, flat pockets, plug bags, insert bags and other non-woven bags;

2. Vest bag: length 50-60 cm can be set to a maximum length of 80 cm;

3. Five sets of ultrasonic systems, stable work;

4. L-type structure, effectively save the area;

5. Configuration lack of material protection system, correction system to improve product qualification rate;

6. Replace the pressure roller can change the trimming, suture effect;

7. Modular design, easy replacement parts and components simple;

8. PLC program control, high precision, small error;

9. stepless frequency control, stable performance, easy to debug;

10. Easy to use, easy to learn and use.

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