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Slitting Machine Magnetic Clutch As A Resistance Device
Sep 15, 2017

Slitter is a wide range of paper or film cut into a number of narrow materials, mechanical equipment, commonly used in paper machinery and printing and packaging machinery. Its main feature is the magnetic powder clutch as a resistance device, through the system control, to output a DC voltage, control the magnetic clutch generated resistance. At the same time, its structural advantages also fill the gaps in the automatic pipe cutting machine technology.

Before the cutting machine magnetic powder clutch speed can not be high, because at run time easy to cause high-speed friction of the magnetic powder, resulting in high temperature, shorten its life, serious stuck, the machine running blocked, to the production of very serious consequences. Seriously affecting the production efficiency. Now the use of dual-frequency motor control, making the winding material diameter through the variable frequency motor control to make the magnetic powder friction in a certain value. Without high temperatures.

The traditional control scheme of the slitter is to use a large motor to drive the shaft of the rewinding roll. The magnetic clutch is added to the rewinding spool to control the resistance of the magnetic powder clutch to control the tension on the surface of the material. The Magnetic powder clutch and brake is a special automatic actuator, it is filled in the work gap by the magnetic powder transmission torque, change the magnetic current can change the magnetic state of magnetic powder, and then adjust the transmission torque. Can be used from zero to synchronous speed stepless speed regulation, suitable for high-speed section of fine-tuning and low-power speed control system. Also used to adjust the torque by adjusting the current method to ensure that the winding process to maintain a constant tension or rewinding tension control system.

Slitter continuously from single motor control to double motor, three motor development, in the case of faster machine speed more efficient and efficient.

Slitter is the main feature of the magnetic clutch as a resistance device, through the system control, to output a DC voltage, control the magnetic clutch generated resistance. The main advantage is that it is a passive device that can control the smaller tension. The disadvantage is that the speed can not be high, high-speed operation is easy to cause high-speed friction of the magnetic powder, resulting in high temperature, resulting in magnetic powder clutch heat and thus shorten its life. With a knife to a certain width of the coil for longitudinal cutting, cut into a number of narrow sub-volume used in the device. It is installed in the rolling machine or extruder, coating machine and other unit devices, can be completed continuous cutting, often with a winding device. Cutting knife can be used flat knife and round knife.

Paper processing machinery of the cutting machine products: paper cutting machine, small paper cutting machine, the paper Slitter, high-speed Slitter and so on.

Metal processing machinery of the Slitter: strip Slitter, copper Slitter, aluminum Slitter, stainless steel Slitter, tinplate Slitter, and so on.

The type of slitter is increasing and the classification method is different. In accordance with the requirements of the size of the paper can be divided into paper cutting machine and small paper cutting machine. According to the work of the cutting machine there are three, divided into flat knife cutting, extrusion cutting and round knife cutting. Flat knife cutting is like a razor, like the material in the process of running down to fall, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting. This is the two, floating cutting is the material through the two rollers, the razor down the material will be cut longitudinally, this cutting method convenient for the knife, easy to operate. Groove Slitting When the material is running on the knife roll, the cutter falls in the slot of the sipe and the material is cut longitudinally. In the crossover casting PP film or side material narrow film, commonly used in this cutting method, can improve the cutting efficiency. But relative to the floating slit, its drawback is more inconvenient to the knife. Extrusion cutting is not common in the domestic slitter, it is mainly by the material and the speed of synchronization with the material has a certain angle of the end of the roller and adjust the air knife composition.

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