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Structural Advantages Of Nonwoven Bag Making Machine
Nov 30, 2018

With the use of non-woven materials, the products produced by non-woven bagging machine bring people a lot of benefits in daily life, and add a lot of colors to people's lives, especially the use of non-woven bags, and even more improve people's living environment, non-woven bags not only have a long service life, the use of times. More and more characteristics, and not easy to damage in use, compared with plastic bags, the use of longer, durable, therefore, the number of non-woven bags in people's lives is also increasing, non woven bag making machine is mainly used for processing and production of non-woven bags of a machine equipment, easy to use, easy to operate, to give People have brought more convenience. Its main structural advantages are:

1. non woven bag making machineis mainly processed by ultrasonic wave and special steel wheel. The sealing edge is not cracked and does not damage the fabric edge, so it is easy to use.
2. Non-woven bag making machine does not need to be preheated when making non-woven fabric, and it can also be operated continuously.
3. The non-woven bag making machine has low cost and high efficiency, which is about 5-6 times faster than the traditional machine and saves a lot of time.

How to choose non-woven fabric bags produced by nonwoven bag making machine?

How to choose non-woven fabric bags produced by non woven bag making machine? Nonwoven bags are becoming more and more popular, not only because of their beautiful appearance, but also because of their durability. Now there are many nonwoven bags on the market, so how should we choose the right nonwoven bags?

1. Testing of nonwoven fabric bags. Now there are many kinds of non-woven materials on the market, the main new materials is the raw materials of non-woven fabrics for new granular plastics. There are also non-woven fabrics doped with recycled materials, mixed with 20% or 30%, some or more. The person in charge of non-woven bag prompted that if the new material of non-woven fabric gloss is good, tensile force is strong, feel thick and lubricated, the appearance of the cloth is not rough. The color of the fabric mixed with recycled materials is a bit dead. The more recycled materials are, the easier it is to tear.

2. Check the nonwoven bags work. Now most of the non-woven bags are sewn, check the workmanship needs to see whether the non-woven bags are flat and uneven, whether the size is correct, and then check whether the non-woven bags are wrapped around the edge of the slight pull will show tearing phenomenon. And then check the bottom of the bag is not trimmed clean, non-woven bag sewing needle spacing will be too thin, the general requirement is about one centimeter two needles, specific inspection specifications to be checked according to our contract requirements. The last one is to see whether the straight line of the bag is straight and whether there is a curve.

3. Printing and testing of nonwoven bags. There are many kinds of printing for non-woven bags. Whether you choose any printing method, look at the printing when the first look at the overall effect, the printing picture is not clear and unclear, set color is accurate, there is no wrong printing direction. In addition, we also need to test the color of printing, whether it is simple fading, different printing methods to detect different.

4. Check the packaging of non-woven bags. The choice of packing for nonwoven bags is to install waterproof woven bags. Fifty bundles, carefully check the number of each bundle is accurate. Whether the outer cartons with non-woven bags are firm.

Be careful when choosing non-woven bags from bag making machine. Especially, the detection of non-woven bag materials can not be ignored, because now there are bad businesses in the market to produce a large number of fake non-woven bags for large profits, harm the interests of consumers. Nonwoven bags of unknown materials may also contain toxic substances, which may affect the health of consumers.

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