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The Developing Direction Of Cutting Machine
Mar 06, 2017

Domestic cutting machine development is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1.Framework structure: regardless of is once points cut also is two or three times points cut, domestic points cut machine manufacturers are should input energy, in framework structure Shang be research, effective from points cut machine manufacturers looks at, design out more reasonable of points cut machine, out by production points cut machine of plagiarism phenomenon, research design out personalized of points cut machine, makes scored cut different material in structure Shang more detailed of, next a round international market of competition in the, to business film enterprise provides favourable of weapons, while also to himself of enterprise looking for out blue.

2. Manufacturing aspects: this is China manufacturing by faced of problems, any mechanical equipment, except in design Shang reasonable yiwai, in manufacturing Shang also requirements precision, and China manufacturing in this aspects is lacks of, in addition, manufacturing process is a weak of link, manufacturing points cut of equipment, except some General of machine outside, also need has some manufacturing points cut machine of dedicated equipment, as moving balance machine, and water cutting machine,, for points cut machine manufacturing precision requirements high, so, some equipment need with NC machine to processing parts, In particular the need for universal access to machining centres, created by machiningprecision of the cutting machine can be fundamentally guaranteed.

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