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The Importance Of Bag Making Machine In Bag Making Process Adjustment
Oct 25, 2017

Bag Making Machine is now the packaging industry inside the production of plastic packaging important machine for the major areas of service, the production of bag making process is very important to adjust the machine in the whole process is the core of the machine,

Bag Making Machine is the name of the production of plastic bags or other materials, packaging bags of the machine. Its processing range for a variety of sizes of different specifications of plastic or other materials, bags, in general, plastic bags as the main product. In the bag making process, a reasonable adjustment of the machine is particularly important for production.

First of all to see the specifications of the products, types (such as side seals, in the closure, etc.), incision bit, heat line bit, hot line specifications and other requirements.

Second, according to the type of product replacement parts, if the bag is also in accordance with the width of the product to replace the iron plate (iron plate width is generally less than the product width of 2 to 3 cm), according to hot-binding specifications to replace the heat knife mold, Material, playing, heating by the thickness of the material, melting point to adjust.

At the same time also need to bag specifications, the first product of the incision bit to adjust the position of the cutter, and then by the product heat bonding position, adjust the location of the heat die. According to the color of the product pattern to adjust the brightness of the electric eye before and after the adjustment and good electric eye position.

Bag Making Machine in the process of bagging to always watch the product heat sealing temperature is moderate (temperature overheating bag wrinkling, the temperature is too low bag hot not strong). But also often check the product specifications, heat location, heat sealing specifications, incision bit to meet the requirements.

We must choose a reliable quality of the Bag Making Machine, with excellent equipment to be fast and good system of qualified products.

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