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The Process Of Bag Making Machine
Jun 16, 2017

  The process of bag making machine

  (1) feeding rack

  Through a cylinder control irons up and down to facilitate the feeding. The spool is fastened with a thread. After loading,bag making machine use a low pressure bag. The drum rotates counterclockwise.

  (2) tail frame roller

  Two rubber roller pressed by a small motor to drive its rotation, traction film.

  (3) Roller shutter

  Roller curtains are usually made of mat or plastic, mainly play a role in the control of tension, tension. After the cursor has an inductor, detect the presence of thin film to control the operation and stop of the tail roller roller motor. There is a stop, no move.

  (4) to suspend the board

  Made of stainless steel,bag making machine played a flat film, to prevent the bag fold, to ensure the size of the bag function. So pause the board to be flat. Thin film above the weight of the goods can be flattened film.

  (5) light eyes

  The length of the bag, the position of the cut, and the length of the color mark are controlled by tracking changes in the color gradation of the printed color on the bag. The light eye can be moved back and forth by adjusting the two ends of the screw, and the light eye stops correcting (2-3mm). Can be in the light of the film is facing the bottom of the sheet of white paper to increase its sensitivity. If the pattern is complex, you can also pad in the pattern of white paper to ensure that the light below the pattern was a straight line, before and after no other color, pattern interference.

  Light eye selection: ① more straight line. ② other patterns before the pattern of interference, or affect the light eye stop.

  (6) sealing

  The knives are triangular and have a set of rollers at both ends to ensure that the film is running straight at the knives. Pad knife roller is generally heat-resistant silicone roller. Knife and silicone roller have a layer of heat-resistant tape. There are two copper tiles at both ends of the knife, control knife up and down, so here should always add lubricating oil.

  Tool knife: ① first with sandpaper grinding knives.

  ② the knife cloth posted in the middle of the knife, toward both sides of the catch, to avoid the middle of the knife cloth bubbles,bag making machine wrinkles, otherwise it will lead to empty seal.

  (7) adjust the bar

  Through the adjustment screw to control the level of iron bars, and then adjust the film cutting position.

  (8) corrugated rubber roller

  There is a spring to avoid static electricity caused by the film wound on the wheel, there is a special motor to control its operation. Before the knife and knife have a special addition to the static device (a hard iron, there is a row of iron needle)

  (9) Cutter

  There are two upper and lower cutter, the next knife fixed, blade up 5 ° angle up and down, on the knife cut the cutting film. Cutters are mostly cast iron, knife ends with lubricant. Can be adjusted through the cutter fixed screw to control the contact with the cutter before and after the distance.


  Folding in three steps, the bag machine automatically folded. If the customer requests the wrapping when the word is facing outward,bag making machine the reel is rotated clockwise. If the word is inward, the reel is rotated counterclockwise.

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