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Three Methods Of Slitting Cutting Machine
Jun 02, 2017

  Three methods of slitting cutting machine

  In the process of slitting can be roughly divided into three methods: flat knife slitting, round knife cutting, extrusion slitting.


  Flat Knife Slitting

  Is like a razor, the single blade or two-sided blade fixed on a fixed tool holder, the data in the process of running the knife down, so that the knife will be longitudinal data cut, to achieve the goal of slitting.

  There are two ways of cutting a razor:

  One is cut groove slitting;

  Cutting Groove is the data running in the knife groove roll, will cut the knife in the groove of the groove, the data will be vertically cut, at the moment data in the knife Groove roll has a certain angle, not easy to attack drift appearance. In the case of the Thin film of PP film or edge material, the cutting power can be improved by this method. But about the hanging cut, its flaw is the knife contrast inconvenience.

  Hanging cut is the data in the pass between two rollers, the razor drops the data vertically cut, at the moment data is in a relatively unstable condition, so the cutting precision than the cut-die Cello almost, but this cutting method is convenient to the knife, easy to operate.

  Cutting knife slitting is mainly suitable for cutting thin plastic film and composite film.


  Round knife Slitting

  Cutter slitting can be divided into tangent slitting and non tangent slitting.

  Tangent cut for data from the upper and lower two disc cutter tangent direction, this cut to the knife contrast is convenient, on the disc knife and the lower disc knife can be based on the cutting width request, very simple directly adjust the position. Its flaw is that the data is very simple in the cut point of the attack drift appearance, so the accuracy is not high, now usually not.

  Non-tangent slitting is the data and the lower disc knife has a certain angle, the next disc knife down, the data will be cut. The cutting method can be

  So that the data is not easy to attack drift, cutting precision is high. But the knife is not very convenient, the next disc knife device, the whole shaft must be removed. The round knife cuts the compound film and the paper class which is suitable to divide and contrast thick.


  Squeeze slitting

  Squeeze slitting in the domestic slitter is not uncommon, it is mainly by synchronizing with data speed and data has a certain angle bottom roll and adjust the convenient pneumatic knife composition. This cutting method can be divided into thin plastic film, but also can be divided into thick paper, non-woven cloth and so on. is a convenient method of slitting. is a development direction of slitting cutting method.

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