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Why Choose ABA Film Blowing Machine
Nov 06, 2017

Packaging is an integral part of the now popular packaging market, mainly plastic, paper, film blowing machine blow molding industry is mainly a large proportion of the market share, but with the paper industry increasingly stringent requirements of environmental protection and energy saving new indicators to raise the threshold in papermaking industry, resulting in the expansion of the market price of the cost of paper packaging.

In order to meet the needs of social products and environmental protection, the film blowing machine will continue to introduce advanced technology, adjust the industrial management model, and promote the plastics industry to high-end. A new sheet of film blowing machine mechanical blowing machine blowing machine manufacturing industry, bottle blowing machine PE foam film, multilayer film blowing machine, film blowing machine, heat shrink film blowing machine, to meet the market a variety of product packaging, quality high-end blown film won the favor of the luxury goods packaging.

Ruian XINYE company Co extrusion ABA film blowing machine, whether it is the production of HDPE materials or LDPE and LLDPE materials, has its unique characteristics. The physical strength of the film is improved by multi-layer co extrusion, and a host machine is used for feeding material inside and outside, so that the configuration of a main machine can be reduced, and the purpose of reducing cost, energy saving and low consumption can be achieved.

Film blowing machine in the processing process to get quality control of plastic bag products, it is necessary to control the processing link in place. Under normal circumstances, the processing of film blowing machine is divided into feeding heating, traction, control the compressor edge. After the film head blows the air, the gas is added to the middle of the round film, the film is made up in a straight line, the size of the plastic bag is controlled by the blowing amount, and then the film stabilizing device is used to stabilize the membrane.

The current market popular mainly in the plastic packaging, paper, plastic blow to market a larger proportion in the plastic film blowing machine mainly, but with more strict requirements on the paper industry and a new index of environmental protection and energy saving improve the industry threshold, resulting in the expansion of paper packaging market, prices rose. This makes the plastic packaging in the market share increased accordingly, stimulated the development of film blowing machine manufacturing machinery industry.

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