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Why Choose High Speed Bag Making Machine
Nov 08, 2018
The performance of the domestic bag making machine has been relatively stable, and the automation level has been continuously improved. If equipped with a photoelectric detection system, to achieve accurate positioning of the cursor, to ensure the accuracy of packaging sealing and cutting process. However, it is worth noting that although the annual growth rate of China's packaging industry ranks first in the traditional industry, but to truly integrate with the international market, we must speed up the development of packaging technology, so that it can develop to an economic, efficient and multi-functional direction.

Under the current market demand, China's domestic soft packaging equipment manufacturing industry has put forward the requirements to improve the level of high-tech and equipment, focusing on high-efficiency, high-speed, precision and automation of advanced equipment development technology put forward new requirements, aimed at narrowing the domestic and foreign technology gap, so that large countries of soft packaging equipment to soft packaging equipment power. Move forward. Under this background, the development prospect of bag making machine in China is bright.

With the rapid development of commercial economy, the demand for plastic bags is increasing. Almost all commodity transactions will use plastic bags, which has given rise to the strong demand of the bag machine industry. The manufacturer makes a detailed analysis on how to choose the carry bag making machine for all the friends who need to purchase the high-speed bag-making machine.

The choice of high-speed bag making machine mainly focuses on four aspects.

First of all, make sure of the type of bag making machine. At present, the main bag-making machines on the market are plastic bag making machine, non-woven bag-making machine, pearl cotton bag-making machine, EPE bag-making machine, chain-clamping bag-making machine, multi-functional film-blowing bag-making printing machine and so on. It is necessary to find out what kind of bag-making machine you are doing, and then how to solve the problem of raw materials, so as to avoid these problems. Problems that will be encountered in running factories in a few days.

Second, before visiting the factory, make sure what type of carry bag making machine you need. You can find the relevant bagging machine manufacturers through the network, you can use the region + type + bagging machine way to search. After finding out the bag machine manufacturer, carry on comparative analysis, or communicate with the service personnel of the bag machine manufacturer in detail. This step is through contrast analysis, to lock the bag maker that you think is good.

Third, choose high speed bag making machine, mainly depends on the function and material of the machine. To the bag machine factory to see the machinery, first of all to see what the function of the carry bag making machine configuration, suitable for their own needs, understand clearly the working principle of the bag machine; secondly to see the bag machine electrical components, and the quality of the working machinery components, if the bag machine is equipped with high-quality electrical components, then the machine one Usually it can be used for several years or even longer; another is to see whether the bag machine rack structure is thick and durable good steel, paint is good (anti-rust).

Fourth, look at the after-sales service of the manufacturer. A good bag maker, their after-sales service must be in place. High-quality after-sales services have signed formal purchase contracts to protect the interests of customers, including the quality assurance commitment of bagging machine, manufacturers to do on-site technical training and guidance for customers, on-site installation and commissioning for customers, customers after the formal commissioning of technical support, and put forward solutions. A high quality after-sales service can solve many problems encountered in actual production for customer service, and protect the rights and interests of consumers to a large extent.

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