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Why More And More People Use Nonwoven Bag Making Machine
Nov 08, 2018

Automatic non woven bag making machine 's applicable raw materials is non-woven fabrics, can process many non-woven bags, vest bags, handbags, leather bags of different specifications and different shape, the electric machine. As a whole, using the touch screen operation. Step by step with fixed length, photoelectric tracking, accurate, stable. Automatic counting can set the counting alarm, automatic drilling and other industrial control devices, so that the production of the finished product line is solid, beautiful tangent. High efficiency, you can rest assured that the use of high-quality environmental protection bag making equipment


Automatic non-woven bag making machine is composed of a solid powder material feeder period (colloidal or liquid) to the hopper is at the top of the packaging machine, the introduction of speed by the photoelectric positioning device control, into the sealing paper roll (or other packaging materials) by introduction to drive Lapel Shaper guide roller is bending after the vertical sealing device lap become cylindrical material is made into automatic metering filling bag, transverse sealing device in heat sealing and cutting the bag intermittently downward traction, finally formed three side sealing bag flat lapped seam, a complete sealing bag.


Automatic non-woven bag machine processing range for packaging bags of various sizes and thickness of different specifications of plastic or other material, generally with plastic bags as the main products. Of course, non-woven bag making machine is the main textile products. Not only the production of non-woven bag machine, but also the production of a variety of bag making machine.


The characteristics of automatic non-woven bag making machine can realize full automation, only 1~2 people to operate, can be adjusted in a certain range of production speed and product size multi-function automatic non-woven bag machine using the touch screen operation, with step length, photoelectric tracking (accurate and stable operation). Automatic counting (counting alarm can be set), automatic punching and other industrial equipment. At the same time, in order to achieve the effects of energy saving and environmental protection, with the recovery of materials in the production process, the production process of making waste material automatically collected, contribute to reutilization, reduce the labor intensity, increase working efficiency.

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