Film Blowing Machine

Film Blowing Machine

The film blowing machine heats and melts the plastic particles and blows them into a film. The film blowing machine is mainly composed of an extruder, a machine head, a die, a cooling device, a foam stabilization frame, a herringbone plate, a traction roller, a winding device and the like.
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Structural Features:
1. The extruder is mainly composed of screw, barrel, hopper, reducer and drive motor. It is designed according to the characteristics of raw materials, which is beneficial to smoothly enter the screw groove and be sent away to ensure the conveying capacity and stable extrusion quality.
2. Using a right angle head structure with a large filter area, the flow channel design of the material is rationally selected, and the filter motor is extruded by the extruder motor to adapt to a separate screen change operation.
3. The die adopts the advanced spiral die structure, which has the advantages of large internal pressure, uniform extrusion uniformity, good film strength performance, and no matching of the stitching line with the extruder of the unit.
4. The cooling device is composed of a cooling air ring, a blower, etc. The cooling air ring is an externally cooled adjustable air ring, which can adjust the opening degree of the inlet tuyere, and is convenient to operate, and is beneficial to the control of the film thickness and uniformity.
5. The styling ring and the shaped rod can be adjusted to stabilize the bubble frame, the adjustment range is large, the operation adjustment is convenient, the bubble tube is stable, and the condition for the winding tube flat is created.
1. The two-layer co-extruded composite film can extend the shelf life of the liquid package.
2. The barrel and screw of the extruder are made of high-quality alloy steel by precision machining and chlorination to achieve the best hardness and durability.
3. The auxiliary machine is equipped with a platform type worktable, which makes the operation convenient and formulates the bubble ring.
4. Coiling device: Double-receiving and double-section, its power adopts torque motor, which can maintain proper tension, and the winding is neat and easy to change.
5. This film blowing machine adopts two inflation methods to make the blown film have memory effect, good shrinkage and high transparency.
1. Used for blowing plastic composite films such as LDPE, HDPE and LLDPE.
2. Widely used in liquid packaging, printing substrates, export product packaging, industrial packaging.
Bag Making Machine

Bag Making Machine

The bag making machine is a machine for making various kinds of plastic packaging bags or other material packaging bags. The processing range is various kinds of plastics or other materials of different sizes and thicknesses. Generally, plastic packaging bags are the main products.
As one professional manufacturers and suppliers of various bag making machine in China, XINYE MACHINE offers bag making machine with cheap price, high quality and flexible performance. Welcome to buy bag making machine from our factory. For more information, contact us now.
Operating Mode:
1. Ordinary work mode: fixed length bag making, photoelectric tracking bag making.
2. Punching method: can set continuous, interval, stop, stamping time can be preset.
3. Batch function: The workbench has a batch function, and the batch quantity can be preset.
1. Using computer control, the step-and-length system makes the sealing and cutting size error small.
2. The device's electric eye tracking makes the position of the printed bag accurate.
3. You can choose the computer numerical control to adjust the length of the bag. When there is a problem, the machine will automatically stop and give a warning sound.
4. Bag making machine adopts imported PLC, centralized control of man-machine interface, stable performance, easy operation and maintenance, and the operation interface can be switched between Chinese and English.
5. All parameters are displayed in real time by the man-machine interface, and the bag making speed, bag length, temperature, counting, finished product delivery, etc. can be preset.
6. LPC automatic deviation correction, dual photoelectric tracking and discharging, automatic constant tension control AC frequency conversion constant speed automatic feeding.
7. Upper and lower sealed AC variable frequency motor drive.
8. The temperature is PID adjusted, non-contact automatic control, and the man-machine interface is set centrally.
9. Pneumatic multi-function automatic punching, automatic removal of edge material removal, with static elimination device.
Widely used in garment processing plants, fabric wholesale markets, small commodity wholesale markets, food industries, etc.
Printing Machine

Printing Machine

The printing machine consists of plates, inks, embossing, paper feeding, etc. It is a machine for printing text and images. The flexible printing press uses a fluid fluid ink that is passed from the ink fountain roller and the anilox roller to the graphic portion of the printing plate and inked it, and then the printing pressure is applied by the pressure roller to the printing plate. The ink is transferred to the substrate and the printing process is completed on the dried side.
As one professional manufacturers and suppliers of various printing machine in China, XINYE MACHINE offers printing machine with cheap price, high quality and flexible performance. Welcome to buy printing machine from our factory. For more information, contact us now.
Working Principle:
First make the printed text and image into a printing plate, put it on the printing machine, and then apply the ink to the place where the text and image are printed on the printing plate by manual or printing machine, and transfer it directly or indirectly to paper or other printing. On the object, the same print as the plate is reproduced.
1. Simple structure: easy to operate and easy to maintain.
2. Highly adaptable for material: a satisfactory printing effect can be obtained for various films.
3. Small embossing force: printing of substrates that cannot withstand excessive pressure.
4. Low printing cost: low plate making cost, low paper loss rate during printing, and low production cost.
1. The use of a mesh ink transfer roller short ink path inking system not only simplifies the structure of the inking system, but also enables quantitative control of the film thickness. The breakthrough in high-performance photosensitive resin technology has greatly improved the resolution of the printing plate and the reproducibility of the dot.
2. The printing machine adopts PLC control; it is equipped with advanced automatic tension control system, coil correction system, IR/UV drying system and printed image detection system; it ensures accurate registration and perfect printing.
3. According to customer needs, it can be equipped with automatic paper-feeding system, coding, indentation, cutting, slitting, waste-side rewinding, vacuum discharge, self-adhesive material stripping printing and compounding, etc. Line processing capability.
1. Suitable for printing on a variety of materials such as cardboard, coated paper, aluminum foil and film.
2. Because the printing machine uses non-toxic water-based inks or UV inks and meets environmentally friendly printing standards, it is also particularly suitable for printing food and product packaging.
Recycle Machine

Recycle Machine

The recycle machine is designed according to the new technology of various plastic regenerating granulating units. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, stable quality, wet and dry use, environmental protection and energy saving, and high output. The recycle machine is composed of plastic cleaning crusher, plastic extruder and pelletizer. Both dry and wet materials can be produced at reasonable prices.
Its exhaust, voltage regulation, non-stop screen changer function is very good, after the deployment of the die, recycle machine can also produce a variety of membranes, plates, tubes, monofilaments, folk profiles, etc., the cost is reduced, is your ideal waste plastic recycling Handling mechanical equipment.
As one professional manufacturers and suppliers of various recycle machine in China, XINYE MACHINE offers recycle machine with cheap price, high quality and flexible performance. Welcome to buy recycle machine from our factory. For more information, contact us now.
1. Mainly consists of the main machine, screen changer, mold, sink, pelletizer and so on.
2. The high-torque design of the gearbox achieves smooth performance without noise.
3. The outer casing of the machine head is bolted to the fuselage, and the mold in the machine head has a core sitting to facilitate the adjustment of the uniformity of the thickness of the extrusion layer. The outside of the machine head is equipped with a heating device and a temperature measuring device.
4. The screw and barrel are specially hardened, with wear resistance, good mixing performance, high output characteristics, vacuum exhaust or ordinary exhaust port design, which can remove moisture and exhaust gas during production. It is more stable and the rubber particles are stronger, which guarantees the excellent quality of the products.
1. From raw material crushing, cleaning, feeding to pelletizing are automated;
2. Make full use of high-pressure friction uninterrupted heating system, automatic heating production, avoiding continuous heating, saving energy and energy;
3. The split automatic automatic power distribution system ensures the safe and normal operation of the motor;
4. The screw barrels are made of imported high-strength high-quality carbon structural steel, which is durable;
5. The appearance of the recycle machine is beautiful and can be painted according to customer requirements.
It adopts special screw design and different configuration, and is suitable for the production of PP, PE, PS, ABS, PA, PVC, PC, POM, EVA, LCP, PET, PMMA and other plastics for recycling.
Slitting Machine

Slitting Machine

The automatic slitting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment produced by XINYE to cut wide-width paper or film into a plurality of narrow-width materials, which are commonly used in papermaking machinery and printing and packaging machinery.
The slitting machine divides the wide-width large-volume paper, film, non-woven fabric and other materials into a wide-width narrow-volume material mechanical equipment, which is commonly used in the production of papermaking machinery, printing and packaging machinery and paper tubes.
As one professional manufacturers and suppliers of various slitting machine in China, XINYE MACHINE offers slitting machine with cheap price, high quality and flexible performance. Welcome to buy slitting machine from our factory. For more information, contact us now.
1. With the surface center winding, the winding quality is even and stable.
2. The fixed length is automatically stopped, and the length is automatically counted.
3. With trimming device, the edge material is discharged by the fan.
4. Suitable for narrow strip cutting of various thin coils.
5. Round knife cutting and air knife cutting are two kinds of cutting tools, which are reliable in quality and easy to adjust.
6. The output is high, the operation is stable, the winding of the paper is firm, the sides are flat, and the noise is low.
7. The slitting machine has strong adaptability and convenient operation. The strips after slitting are smooth and flat on both sides without burrs.
8. The unwinding photoelectric correction has high precision, and the control mode is divided into manual gear and automatic gear.
9. Both surface winding and center winding are available. The tension of the rewinding and unwinding is controlled by automatic tension. The control methods include tension feedback control and taper control.
1. Applicable substrate: Insulation material and film slitting.
2. Applicable industry: related industries with various insulating materials, special electrical paper, film.
1. Ensure that the voltage, current and hydraulic equivalents are correct and stable before starting up.
2. Before the slitting machine is ready to run, all personnel must notify the departure device to ensure personal safety before starting the operation.
3. During operation, it is forbidden to touch the running film roll or roll core with your hand to avoid personal injury caused by getting your hands involved.
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