Bag Making Machine

Our Automatic Bag Making Machines offer high automation, production efficiency, and flexibility by integrating cutting, forming, printing, and sealing processes to produce finished products.

Production speed up to 120 pieces per minute, maximum mechanical speed up to 150 pieces per minute.
Bags of different sizes can be produced (0.045-0.09 mm)
Suitable for in the food, retail, medical and industrial sectors
Excellent Bag Making Machine Quality
High production efficiency, good bag quality, variety of bag types, flexible bag sizes, durable machines and high energy efficiency.
Machine efficiencyThe high efficiency of the bag making machine increases production and reduces labor costs.
Bag qualityEnsures excellent bag making quality with precise cutting and sealing for durable and reliable packaging.
Variety of bag typesIt is capable of producing various types of bags, including flat, folded and multi-layer bags.
Flexibility in bag sizeFlexibility to adjust bag sizes to easily accommodate different sizes and shapes.
Machine durabilityUtilizing durable materials and advanced technology, it can be used for long periods of time with minimal maintenance costs.
Energy efficiencyEnergy efficient, reducing energy consumption and operating costs while maintaining high performance levels.
More Quality Benefits
Qualified Services for Bag Making Machine
Xinye provides one-stop service for our bag-making machines, from installation and maintenance to after-sales consulting.
Process Optimization
Process Optimization

Xinye provides comprehensive bag-making machine consulting to improve machine operating efficiency.

Quality Control
Quality Control

Ensure that the machine meets industry standards and produces consistent high quality bags.

Performance Monitoring
Performance Monitoring

Real-time monitoring to identify and resolve any issues affecting machine performance.

Safety Measures
Safety Measures

Ensure that Xinye's bagging machines comply with safety regulations and provide safety training for operators.

Remote Monitoring
Remote Monitoring

Provides the ability to remotely monitor machine performance and address issues in a timely manner.

Performance Analysis and Reporting
Performance Analysis and Reporting

Provide detailed analysis and reporting on machine performance for continuous improvement.

Supply Chain Integration
Supply Chain Integration

Assists in the seamless integration of bagging machines into the production supply chain.

Ongoing Support and Training
Ongoing Support and Training

Provides ongoing technical support and training to maximize bagging machine efficiency and resolve any issues.

How To Choose High-quality Bag Making Machines?
How to understand the performance of the machine?
When choosing a bag making machine, the first step is to understand its performance, including packaging speed, accuracy, stability, and suitability for different types of bags. High quality bag making machines are usually able to make bags faster and more accurately, and can adapt to various types and sizes of bags.
How to choose a reputable manufacturer?
Choosing a reputable bag making machine manufacturer can ensure the stability of machine quality and the quality of after-sales service. You can check the manufacturer's official website, social media, and third-party evaluation platforms to understand their reputation and reputation. In addition, comparing the prices and configurations of machines from different manufacturers is also essential.
What kind of after-sales service is needed to buy a bag-making machine?
The key to the lifespan of a bag making machine lies in the quality of after-sales service. Before making a purchase, it is necessary to understand the manufacturer's after-sales service system, such as customer service response speed, repair cycle, and after-sales service costs. A good after-sales service can minimize maintenance costs and downtime to the greatest extent possible.
How to check the machine configuration and materials?
A good bag making machine not only needs to have high-quality performance, but also needs to be more refined in terms of configuration and materials. Higher level bag making machines usually have better configurations and materials, such as automatic feeding, automatic correction, automatic cutting, and other functions.
How to choose a reasonable model?
When selecting a machine model, factors such as production demand, machine performance, and cost should be considered. Different models of bag making machines need to be optimized and configured according to customer needs to achieve the best cost-effectiveness. Choosing a bag making machine that suits your production needs can fully utilize equipment resources and maximize production efficiency, making it economically reasonable.
How to conduct on-site testing and trial?
It is best to conduct on-site testing and trial use at the manufacturer's site to ensure that the machine can meet your needs and eliminate potential problems during use. Field testing can verify the performance, quality, and flexibility of the machine after installation, better ensuring accurate selection.
Industry solutions for different production needs
Every customer has unique production requirements, and you may be wondering what kind of machine your industry needs. Whatever your challenges or requirements, XINYE can meet them with our high-quality machines, from plastics to bubble wrap to nonwovens, and from stand-alone machines to complete production lines, we can customize them for you.
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