Double Layer Co-Extruding Rotary Die Head Film Extruder

Double Layer Co-Extruding Rotary Die Head Film Extruder

It is used for blowing the plastic laminated film of low density polyethylene(LDPE), high density polyethylene(HDPE)and linear low density polyethylene(LLDPE)etc, Which are widely used for packing liquid, printed base material, products for export and industrial products, etc.

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1.Double-layer co-extrusion laminated film can prolong the length for preservation of liquid package.
2.The cylinder and the screw stem of the extruder are made of high quality alloy steel with optimum hardness and durable service after precision finishing and nitrogen treatment.
3.The auxiliary machine has a platform working table for making operation easy and is equipped with bubble stabilizing ring.
4.Double-rolling and double-cutting coiling unit adopts torque motor to keep proper tensions and make rolling even and roll-changing easy.
1.The thickness and width of the product can be adjusted during production, so this equipment allows you to produce various specifications about this product.
2.The production speed of film is very fast. Because the equipment is highly automated and the stability during production is very good, it can greatly improve the production efficiency of the film;
3.Easy to operate and easy to maintain. This machine uses a good control system, so it is easy to operate. In addition, the quality of this machine is very good, so it does not need to spend a lot of effort in maintenance.
1.Liquid packing film blowing machines are designed to process plastic materials that are suitable for liquid packaging, such as Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE), Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), and other appropriate resins.
2.The machine can be adjusted to produce films with specific thicknesses that provide the necessary strength and barrier properties for containing liquids.
3.Liquid packaging films are often designed with enhanced barrier properties to prevent leakage, maintain product freshness, and protect against external contaminants.
4.The films produced by the machine should be compatible with various sealing methods, such as heat sealing or adhesive sealing, to ensure proper closure of the liquid packaging
Technical Parameters:
Model SJ-45×2/FM1000 SJ-50×2/FM1200 SJ-55×2/FM1500
Screw Diameter 2x 45mm 2x50mm 2x55mm
Screw Ratio L/D28:1 L/D28:1 L/D28:1
Screw Speed 12-120r/min 12-120r/min 12-120r/min
Extrusion Output 75kg/h 100kg/h 120kg/h
Power of Main Motor 2x11kw 2x15kw 2x15kw
Caliber of Film Head Φ200mm Φ300mm Φ350mm
Rotation Mode of Machine Head Continuous Rotation Continuous Rotation Continuous Rotation
Thickness of Film 0.02-0.10mm 0.02-0.10mm 0.02-0.10mm
Max.Folding Width of Film 1000mm 1200mm 1500mm
Total Power 52kw 63kw 75kw
Weight of Machine 3500kg 4500kg 5200kg
Overall Dimension (L×W×H) 4.2×2.2×4.6m 4.6×2.4×5.0m 5.2×2.7×6.0m
Production Samples:


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