Film Blowing Machine

The film blowing machine heats and melts the plastic particles and blows them into a film. The film blowing machine is mainly composed of an extruder, a machine head, a die, a cooling device, a foam stabilization frame, a herringbone plate, a traction roller, a winding device and the like.
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Structural Features:
1. The extruder is mainly composed of screw, barrel, hopper, reducer and drive motor. It is designed according to the characteristics of raw materials, which is beneficial to smoothly enter the screw groove and be sent away to ensure the conveying capacity and stable extrusion quality.
2. Using a right angle head structure with a large filter area, the flow channel design of the material is rationally selected, and the filter motor is extruded by the extruder motor to adapt to a separate screen change operation.
3. The die adopts the advanced spiral die structure, which has the advantages of large internal pressure, uniform extrusion uniformity, good film strength performance, and no matching of the stitching line with the extruder of the unit.
4. The cooling device is composed of a cooling air ring, a blower, etc. The cooling air ring is an externally cooled adjustable air ring, which can adjust the opening degree of the inlet tuyere, and is convenient to operate, and is beneficial to the control of the film thickness and uniformity.
5. The styling ring and the shaped rod can be adjusted to stabilize the bubble frame, the adjustment range is large, the operation adjustment is convenient, the bubble tube is stable, and the condition for the winding tube flat is created.
1. The two-layer co-extruded composite film can extend the shelf life of the liquid package.
2. The barrel and screw of the extruder are made of high-quality alloy steel by precision machining and chlorination to achieve the best hardness and durability.
3. The auxiliary machine is equipped with a platform type worktable, which makes the operation convenient and formulates the bubble ring.
4. Coiling device: Double-receiving and double-section, its power adopts torque motor, which can maintain proper tension, and the winding is neat and easy to change.
5. This film blowing machine adopts two inflation methods to make the blown film have memory effect, good shrinkage and high transparency.
1. Used for blowing plastic composite films such as LDPE, HDPE and LLDPE.
2. Widely used in liquid packaging, printing substrates, export product packaging, industrial packaging.
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