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Common Faults Of The Nonwoven Bag Machine
Dec 18, 2018

Now the non woven bag products are using professional non woven bag making machine to complete, this kind of equipment for a wide range, can process a variety of different specifications and different shapes of non-woven bags, such as flat pockets, gifts Bags, vest bags, wearing a rope bag, pillow bags and even a roll of vest bags and so on.
However, due to the current market non-woven bag machine equipment quality uneven, some poor production technology, poor quality, low-cost equipment in the long-term use, often the quality of the case can not be guaranteed more likely to occur malfunction.

Common faults and exclusion of non-woven bag making machine:
First, by microcomputer interference
1, may be when the motor feed time is slow and make non-woven bag machine interference.
2, may be low when the voltage frequency is low and produce interference.
3, may be electrostatic eliminator interference.
Second, the photoelectric device with less than, with not allowed
1, check the product size settings are a problem.
2, check the non-woven bag machine light eye sensitivity is good.
3, check the machine is to adjust the color bag mode.
Third, non-woven bag machine drag material instability
1, check the machine discharge is overweight.
2, check the machine's drive roller pressure is not enough
3, check the stepper motor and drive roller connected to the belt is loose.

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