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Film Blowing MachineCommon Failures And Solutions
Aug 28, 2017

The film blowing machine is the plastic particles heated to melt and then blown into a film. Film Blowing machine is divided into many kinds, there are PE, POF, PVC and so on. New particles are blown out with fresh material, the color is said to be clean, the bag is stretched well. Some people also use recycled plastic bags to make particles, which are generally called old materials, made of particles are usually gray, in the making of bags usually add pigment, made of bag coloring unevenness, brittle and easy to break, the price is lower.

1. Thin film surface roughness, rugged

First, the extrusion speed is too fast

Solution: Reduce the extrusion speed appropriately.

Second, the extrusion temperature is too low, resin plastic bad

Solution: Adjust the extrusion temperature setting, and raise the extrusion temperature properly to ensure that the resin is well molded.

2. Film Bubble instability

First, the extrusion temperature is too high, the fluidity of the molten resin is too big, the adhesion is small, easy to produce fluctuation.

Solution: Transfer extrusion temperature.

Second, by the external strong airflow interference and interference

Solution: Obstruct and reduce the interference of external airflow.

Third, cooling wind ring air flow instability, film bubble cooling uneven

Solution: Check the cooling wind ring to ensure that the four-week delivery of the same amount of air.

IV. The extrusion temperature is too low and the amount of material is less

Solution: Transfer extrusion temperature.

3. Poor thermal sealing of thin films

First, the blowing ratio and the traction ratio are not appropriate (too large), the film tensile orientation, thus interfering with the thermal seal performance of the film

Solution: blowing ratio and traction ratio should be a little less, if the blow swell ratio is too large, and the traction speed is too fast, the film transverse and longitudinal tensile excessive, then, will make the performance of the film tends to stretch, the thermal seal of the film will become worse.

Second, the dew point is too low, polymer molecule orientation, so that the performance of the film close to the directional film, resulting in the reduction of thermal sealing performance

Solution: Adjust the size of the wind ring stroke, so that dew point one points, as far as possible under the plastic melting point of expansion and traction, in order to reduce the blowing and traction caused by the molecular stretching orientation.

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