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How To Improve The Production Efficiency Of Non-woven Bag Making Machine
Dec 08, 2018
The non woven bag making machine mainly solves the problem that the cutting device in the existing bag making machine is difficult to cut off the non-woven wiring head, resulting in the non-woven fabric can not be cut off. Characteristic: The cutting device of the product is equipped with a cutting knife, a first cylinder and a second cylinder. The first cylinder of the product is fixed on the frame and located on the side of the cutting knife. The first cylinder cylinder rod of the product is connected with the second cylinder. The second cylinder of the product is fixed directly above the cutting knife and the cylinder rod of the second cylinder is connected with the cutting knife. The non woven bag making machine can cut off the thread head and fabric at the same time, and has high working efficiency and good stability.

With step-by-step fixed length, photoelectric tracking, accurate and stable. Automatic counting can set counting alarm, automatic drilling and other industrial control devices, so that the finished products are firmly sealed and beautiful tangent. High efficiency, is the high-quality environmental protection bag-making equipment you can rest assured of using.

According to machine structure and operation form, it can be divided into single machine and automatic production line. Single machine has the advantages of low price, convenient use and simple maintenance. Multiple assemblies can be made to form a production line.

The non woven bag making machine includes a sealing and sealing mechanism for welding the opening and bottom of the non-woven bag, and a cutting mechanism for cutting the connected non-woven bag. The characteristics are as follows: a die-cutting mechanism for die-cutting and punching the non-woven bag is arranged between the sealing and sealing mechanism and the cutting mechanism of the product. Non-woven bag-making machine can complete the automatic production of non-woven vest bags. The structure is simple and compact, and the production efficiency is improved.

The processing range of non woven fabric bag making machine is plastic or other packaging bags with different sizes, thickness and specifications. Generally speaking, plastic packaging bags are the main products. Of course, the main product of non-woven bag machine is mainly spinning fabric. Not only the production of non-woven bagging machines, but also the production of various bagging machines.

What is the function of the device and mechanism of the non-woven three-dimensional bag making machine?

The feeding device of the non woven fabric bag making machine solves the problem that the feeding device of the existing non-woven three-dimensional bag making machine has trouble processing different sizes of three-dimensional bags. It includes cutting mechanism, soft connector and desktop component. The cutting mechanism of the product includes cutting tool seat. The cutting tool seat of the product is equipped with pulling material component, rubber roller component and cutting tool component. One end of the soft connector of the product is fixed on the desktop component, the other end is fixed on the pulling material component and the soft connector is pulled by the pulling material component. The desktop components of the product include end beams, panels, guide rails and clamping parts matching with sliding of the guide rails. The end beams of the product are equipped with driving parts. The driving parts of the product are connected with the clamping parts through the transmission mechanism. The clamping parts have the first state of installation and the sliding part along the guide rails driven by the driving parts after clamping the materials. The two state. The product also has the advantages of simple structure, fast operation, convenience, convenient inspection and maintenance, long service life and so on.

The side blank holder mechanism of three-dimensional non woven fabric bag making machine is characterized in that it includes side inserts and side pressing plates which are close to each other. The side inserts are connected to the socket. The socket is driven forward and backward by the plug cylinder or the plug motor. The plug cylinder or the plug motor are fixed on the first board, and the side pressing plates are connected to the air of the pressure plate. The push rod of the cylinder is driven by the pressure plate cylinder to move forward and backward. The pressure plate cylinder is fixed on the second support plate. The first and second support plates are fixed on the bottom plate. The front surface of the side pressure plate is vertically arranged with a transmission belt. The upper and lower pulleys of the transmission belt are installed at the upper and lower ends of the side pressure plate. The transmission of the conveyor belt is carried out by a belt motor. Drive. The product has simple structure, low noise and automatic demoulding function for non-woven three-dimensional bags. It can quickly adapt to the production of non-woven three-dimensional bags of different sizes.

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