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How To Solve The Vest Bag Bag Making Machine Back Seal Blister Or Heat Seal Folds
Nov 01, 2017

Vest bag making machine is mainly used for the production of various materials, different specifications and size of the vest bag. There are users to reflect to us, in the use of vest bag bag bag, the back seal will appear bubbles and the back of the seal when the heat will fold. Below, analyze the reasons for these problems.

1, there are bubbles at the back seal

(1) the bottom plate is dirty; ② the pressure of the seal is not uniform or the pressure of the four corners is not uniform; ③ the bottom deviation from the center; ④ the bottom of the silicone rubber is too wide; ⑤ sealing knife is not installed prison; ⑥ sealing knife pressure is small, Silicone rubber is not flat or aging;

Solution: In the course of the operation if the bubble, ① ③ ④ can be in the floor pad hot cloth; the rest can be less or coincidence of the sealing knife.

2, the back of the seal when the heat sealing fold

Reason: ① the tension is not good, resulting in the film on both sides of the tightness of the inconsistency; ② cooling knife and heat sealing knife pressure imbalance; ③ hot cloth on the fold; ④ heat sealing knife pressure uneven; The template.

Solution: ① adjust the tension to the end of the same; ② adjust the pressure; ③ smoothing hot cloth; ④ adjust the heat sealing knife pressure; ⑤ the template back on track

Development of vest bag Bag Making Machine history background

In the case of the proliferation of white garbage, resulting in a serious pollution of the environment, the state in order to protect the ecological environment, made a historic decision, from June 2008 onwards, China's use of plastic bags were limited. The purpose of this move is to reduce white pollution.

In this historical context, vest bag making machine was developed and developed, and widely used. Vest Bag Making Machine has two production methods, one is semi-automatic production, the other is fully automated production. The most noteworthy is that the vest bag making machine using advanced environmental protection concept, the production of non-woven bags environmental protection and environmental protection, durable, for the community transport packaging bags. Vest bag making machine compared to other Bag Making Machine has a very obvious advantage, such as stable performance, simple operation. Small footprint and so on.

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