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The Difference Between Automatic And Semi-automatic Bag Making Machine
Nov 21, 2018
The difference between the automatic vest bag making machine and the semi-automatic vest bag making machine is:

1. Price: the automatic vest bag making machine is definitely 1 times higher than the semi-automatic price.
2. Capacity: automatic vest bag making machine is also 1 times more productive than semi-automatic vest bag making machine.
3. Speed: The speed of automatic bag making machine is very fast, and the speed of automatic bag making machine is even more than twice that of semi-automatic bag making machine.
4. Configuration: Since the two are completely different machines, configuration is also different, computer configuration and machine configuration are completely different, automatic is the professional automatic configuration, semi-automatic on the professional is semi-automatic configuration, mainly to see customer needs
5. The most important point is that the full automatic bag is specially made for the manufacturers of vest bags, it can only do vest bags, other bags can not do, but he made the vest bag is a complete bag, only need this machine can complete the bag, not need other machines, one step. But the semi-automatic is not the same, the semi-automatic is made out of no automatic punching, in addition to the need for an additional hydraulic punch to complete the vest bag, but the semi-automatic also has a benefit, semi-automatic machine can also make another kind of bag, can also do flat bags This is the automatic vest bag making machine. The difference between bag machine and semi-automatic vest pocket bag making machine. They each have their own functions, are very useful, but to see the needs of customers, customers for what kind of bag type of machine just!

So if you are specializing in making non-woven bags, you are advised to choose fully automatic non woven bag making machine, it is not only fast, high production, and all the processes are completed at once, convenient and simple. There are also some if in addition to making vest bags also do flat pockets, industrial bags, you can choose this semi-automatic bag making machine, plus a hydraulic punch, you can do both flat pockets can do vest bags, but also affordable, value for money!

Control measures in bag making process

The reason why the fully automatic non woven bag making machine can complete the bag making process efficiently and accurately is that there are systematic control methods for different actions and corresponding control methods to ensure the accuracy and stability of the operation. The specific ways are as follows:

First, the discharge switch is opened, and the storage motor is controlled by storing photoelectric to store the quantitative material. At the same time, when the heating control switch is opened, the hot knife can be heated through the thermostat to achieve the required temperature for operation. Secondly, the stepper motor can drive the raw material movement, in which the white bag sealing and cutting is to determine the stepper motor to stop at a fixed number of steps to achieve fixed length control; the color bag sealing and cutting is to stop the stepper motor by detecting the corresponding signal detected by the eye to achieve positioning control, the effect is very good.

When the stepper motor stops running, the three-phase asynchronous motor also drives the hot knife to seal and cut; when the fully automatic non woven bag making machine finally sets the number of bags, it can enter the whole bag link, so the whole bag making process of the bag machine is completed.

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