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What Is The Reason Why The Finished Product Of The Pocket Bag Making Machine Is Pizza Or Small Hole
Nov 01, 2017

Flat pocket Bag Making Machine can be said to achieve fully automated operation, as long as 1-2 people can carry out the operation of equipment. Flat pocket Bag Making Machine can adjust the production speed and product size, together with not only fixed length, photoelectric tracking, to ensure the operation of the accurate and smooth. Therefore, the use of flat pouch manufacturing machine to a certain extent, reduce labor intensity, improve the efficiency of the work. Flat pouch manufacturing machine in the bag making process, due to operation, maintenance and other reasons, resulting in some problems, such as pitting, holes and so on.

One, the bag has pitting

1, rubber roller, aluminum roller is not clean; 2, before and after the water plate below the unclean clean; 3, conveyor belt with dirty things; 4, knife mouth with coke.

Solution: 1, with a rubbing cloth to clean the various parts; 2, with the printing solvent to clean the bottom of the water pressure plate; 3, with a polished machine after washing and then clean; 4, with a wet cloth wipe clean knife, check the temperature Whether it is normal, if not normal, transferred to the appropriate temperature.

Second, there are holes on the bag

1, the speed is too fast; 4, folder chain, tendons thick; 5, the material roll was crushed.

3, adjust the speed; 4, folder chain, tendon thinner; 5, replace the discharge roller.

Flat pocket bag making machine is a kind of bag making machine, it is mainly used for the production of flat pockets. In order to ensure that the flat bag bag making machine bag qualified, the need for self-inspection of finished products.

Flat pocket bag making machine bag self-test requirements:

1, the length of the bag to the error within 2mm, preferably zero error.

2, the bag's seal to be strong, you can use the mouth of the bag blowing, and then squeeze, sealing can not have leak holes.

3, the transparency of the bag is better, not like a mist.

4, the bag is not easy to tear.

5, if the bag on the pattern, to check the printed pattern, punch position is correct, the font on the pattern is clear, whether the color deviation.

6, the appearance can not be dirty, dirty, wrinkled.

7, the bag side seal, burr can not be obvious, can not have jagged.

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